3 of the Best Dating Sites for Young Professionals

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“I think dating involves a lot of scheduling. It’s needing people who understand your work schedule.”

~ Jennifer Love Hewitt

Dating Sites for Young Professionals are Hard to Come By

The truth is that sometimes online dating can be a real chore. Why? Because even the best dating sites require young professionals to put in a boatload of effort, patience, and vigilance. Registering and setting up your profile to reflect your “best self” can take hours. 

Then, there are hours of editing your profile page, preferences, and requirements a zillion times. Then you’re swiping or scrolling through potential matches, actually matching, and starting a “get to know you” conversation. It can be a lengthy endeavor, so you may wonder, “What are the best overall dating sites for young professionals?”

While some young adults enjoy dating sites, others question if online dating is really worth the time and effort.  The good news is you can save yourself time, effort, stress, and grief simply by choosing the best dating site for you. 

How can you tell if a dating site is right for you?

Research a dating site on Google and select the ones that fit your interests, desires, and needs. You’ll find it easier to meet other young professionals who share your interests when the site is for them. It helps if it has a large membership or monthly user base, and has up-to-date search tools. 

Dating sites like Zoosk, Tinder, OkCupid, Hitch, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and Bumble are “go-to” dating sites for young adults. However, they’re not necessarily geared towards professionals. So, while it’s possible to find friendship and love on these sites, it may be harder to find matches who share your passions, interests, and life experiences. And, although the above sites have large user bases, they were designed for the general population. They’re not specifically for young professionals looking for friendship or love.  

Try these 3 best dating sites for young professionals

Young professionals typically value hard work, dedication, passion, and perseverance. They’re most likely looking for other like-minded young adults. And, guess what? In the online dating world, good education and a stable job can be major “pluses.” 

Young Professionals are Popular on Dating Sites

In fact, in a 2017 study, researchers found that online daters who list their education level are more likely to get responses. Researchers also found that professionals typically receive approximately 10% more responses than those with just a high school diploma.

This is why I compiled a list of the 3 best dating sites for young professionals. My recommendations are based on researching dating sites, reviews/user ratings, and consulting people who used dating sites or are currently using them.

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Here are my picks for the 3 best dating sites for young professionals:


EliteSingles.com – 4.9/5

My pick for the ultimate best dating site for young professionals is EliteSingles.com.

EliteSingles.com caters to young professionals who want to meet new people. And, guess what? Approximately 80% of its members have at least one college degree. And, 90% of its users state they’re looking for a long-term relationship. 

EliteSingles.com relies on a sophisticated, personality-driven matchmaking system. It matches people with daters who are on “their level.” EliteSingles.com boasts approximately 2 million monthly users with 165,000 new signups each month.  

This dating site offers intelligent search features based on the user’s preferences. These include age, height, education, race and ethnicity, religions, sexual orientation, careers, educational background, economic status, lifestyle habits, and even political affiliations. Thus, EliteSingles.com is an upscale dating service that appeals to well-educated, career-oriented young adults.

FYI: Only premium members can view a dater’s photo or send messages to potential matches. So, only the most invested typically sign-up for this service. Although the basic service offers free browsing, a membership is required to receive the most opportunities. Memberships start at $57.95 (per month) for 3 months, $44.95 (per month) for 6 months and $31.95 (per month) for 12 months.

Note: I rated EliteSingles.com as the overall best dating site for young professionals because it’s geared towards professionals of all ages. So, if you are a young adult who fancies an older, more established partner, you have an opportunity to connect with them too!  


Match.com – 4.8/5

Let’s be honest, Match.com is no doubt the most successful dating site EVER. But, is it right for young professionals too? Yes! The great thing about Match.com is that it caters to everyone. So, plenty of busy young professionals are looking for a fun time, companionship, and even love.

Match.com came into creation in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. In fact, it often touts its relationship and marriage successes on its websites. And, similar to EliteSingles.com, Match.com offers young professionals of all calibers and income levels opportunities to find their matches. 

It uses personality-driven metrics to match hopeful singles. Also, it has tailored its match algorithm to detect young professionals who are compatible. But, best of all, it has fostered thousands of dates, romantic relationships, and even marriages. And, guess what? Match.com is available in 50 countries and offered in a whopping 15 languages.

Even better, Match.com appeals to a more mature and merit-based user base. In fact, according to a study, approximately 74% of Match.com users have attended college. Even though Match.com attracts young adults of all educational backgrounds, many of users also have really good careers. As a result, these individuals typically don’t mind paying extra to find love. And, with 15 million monthly users, that is definitely an achievable goal. 

Note: I gave Match.com 2nd place honors because of its huge user base and versatility. I believe that with effort and determination anyone, regardless of educational and career status, can find love on this dating site. 


The League – 4.2/5

Have you heard about “The League?” It’s designed for young professionals who want to meet a person who appreciates hard work and a comfortable lifestyle. 

This exclusive, members-only dating app was created for ambitious and successful young adults. You must be “approved” after the powers that be go over your social media accounts. They look at your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and determine if you’re “worthy” of membership.

There is a possibility that you get approved and placed on a waiting list. Now, you can skip the line and enter the exclusive dating club. It will cost you to the tune of $349 for 12 months.

But money alone won’t help you grace the online halls of The League. You’ll also have to link all of your social media accounts to your “League” account. Then wait to see if they push you through. “The League’s” main slogan is “date someone intelligent.”

You have to play by the rules to maintain your membership. Additionally, if you neglect to log in for a couple of weeks, you’ll be unceremoniously kicked out for the foreseeable future. And, because everyone is extensively screened, most of its members are legit. 

The good news is you can pay $29 a month for a 12-month membership. A six-month membership costs $33 a month or $199 a year, or pay month-by-month indefinitely for $99. The League has approximately 28k users each month.  

Note: I believe The League may be the best dating website for young professionals. However, it landed in third place because it may be a little too elite for some young adults even if they enjoy a thriving career and a lavish lifestyle. I feel this dating app could be alienating to some young professionals.

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