Shorter Version

Our Mission Statement

We are a free online platform dedicated to providing real, educational, and professional guidance to young adults. Our One-Stop-Shop makes life easier, healthier, and happier, ultimately making the world a little bit better.

Our Vision Statement

Become the largest online resource for young adults searching for answers with actionable solutions.

Longer Version

The beginning…

Welcome to the platform! I’m Joe, the founder. It’s not just me, there’s an entire team behind this. We all have one thing in common – we want to help young adults through their 20s.

As with most companies, the idea started with a problem. After searching online for typical questions young adults have in their 20s, I was surprised with the inability to find free quality answers. Writers without experience or degrees in the topic covered the internet. Websites were hard to navigate. Even the highest quality content lacked actionable steps, leading to a ‘what next?’ feeling and no change. If there was a perfect solution, it always had a price tag. Not worth it.

So, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a technology consulting background, I set out to fix the problem. Using $300 from my GoFundMe campaign, I built the platform you’re using today. I surrounded myself with advisors that shared the common goal, and we moved forward. Slowly, the platform gained professional writers. Together, we aim to make life easier, happier, and healthier for young adults through simple, professional, and actionable articles.

Oh yeah, and it’s free.

Explaining it further

We’re positioned as a digital guide to help young adults get through life in their 20s. We have Shorter Version summaries in each article (for those that are busy) and Longer Versions (for those that enjoy the details). Each article includes actionable steps to help drive change in your life. Professionals and experts from around the world write articles on the platform.

In order to afford top tier talent, we do have limited sponsored ads and Google ads posted throughout the platform. We receive compensation if someone clicks into these ads, and in some cases, applies and gets approved for services. This does not affect our content since writers are not influenced by this process. We strive to bring you the most straightforward, factual advice to help you through your 20s. Learn more about our content process here.

So, why professionals and experts?

I want you to feel confident that this platform is filled with valuable information. Articles are written by a great source that has professional experience in the topic. We classify a professional as someone with a degree and 5+ years of experience or 10+ years of experience in the topic. Why? There’s a great book by Malcolm Gladwell about this – essentially 10,000 hours is the key to success in a field (1 year = 2,000 hours. 5 years = 10,000 hours). Information about the author is included at the end of his or her posts, so you can see for yourself.

Be Awesome

As our platform just launched, we rely on donations from you. Never expected, always appreciated.


Of course, there are Success Stories

Under every main header, you’ll see ‘Success Stories’. This is our featured category section. Not necessarily professionals – we classify these as ‘young adults with outstanding success in a topic.’ They want to share what they gained from their previous experience, to help you. We’ve separated their content into this subheader, so you know the difference.

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Thank you!

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