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The Mission

We are a free online platform dedicated to providing real, educational, and professional guidance to young adults. Our One-Stop-Shop makes life easier, healthier, and happier, ultimately making the world a little bit better.

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The Roots

I remember very vividly reading an article that stated 50% of people in their 20s have cried at work and a similar percentage skipped work due to immense stress. Thinking there would be some type of helpline, I checked up and down the article, again and again, for guidance on what young adults should do when they feel this way. Nothing.

It was as if the company believed young adults struggling was a good enough statistic to publish and the real problem at hand wasn’t a concern. Surprised with this coming from a renowned company, I searched the internet for common questions young adults ask, thinking this article was an anomaly. The result was exhausting: a lack of professional advice in the top results, hard to navigate websites, and a disregard of clear actionable steps. Time and time again, the search resulted in less clarity and more unanswered questions.

The frustration I felt fueled a passion to solve the problem – with $300 and an idea, I went to work.

Update: It’s been well over two years now, and the results have been astounding. We are over a hundred people strong with a comprehensive platform. We’ve published hundreds of original articles across a multitude of relevant topics from top experts in their fields, built a library of self-help videos, and launched a coaching directory, providing 1:1 guidance. Our platform alone has impacted 100,000+ people.

Our core goal is to connect people looking for guidance with information and experts that can help. Through this act, over and over, we can make the world a little bit better. Thank you for learning with us.

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The Highlights

Team Members

From top tier advisers to state-of-the-art creatives, our team works hard to bring you this platform.

Industry Coaches

The coach list increases so quickly it's hard to keep a metric up-to-date! They're here to help you succeed.

Tailored Topics

26 to be exact. Our wide array of topics all have one thing in common - getting you through your 20s.

Relevant Articles

Close to 500 - and growing! New articles every day. If you don't see a topic you're looking for, let us know.


Joe Stadel


Senior Technology Consultant by day - passionate entrepreneur by night. Yes, he’s old enough to have ‘Senior’ in his work title, yet he still gets carded for a lottery ticket.


Kate Rolfes


When she's not busy shipping products around the world with her other business, Kate is hard at work finding partners to create win-win business opportunities.

Brent Packer


As a former McKinsey consultant, social venture founder, and aspiring hibachi chef, Brent contributes to the platform's strategy.

Chris Williams


Chris has been the SVP/Head of Marketing for Vanguard, Lending Club, and Campbells (to name a few). We're fairly positive he’s the reason you know of us.


Amy Slamp


As a retired Senior Program Advisor from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amy brings expertise and guidance to keep this platform fun, relevant, and educational.

Dr. Charles Meakin III


Chuck spent 40 years studying healthcare, eastern philosophies, and fitness predictors of longevity and happiness. He moves us forward in every way.


Tim Rolfes


Tim is a Senior Program Manager at Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati, Ohio. If there’s an impossible task, he’ll have an answer by the weekend.


Casey Sagolla-Slamp


After placing second at a World Drumming Competition, Casey decided he wanted a new challenge – like growing this platform. Challenge accepted.

Ryan Thompson


When he’s not racing in Ironman competitions, Ryan’s keeping our finances up to speed. Thank goodness he became a CPA so we didn’t have to.

Aki Weininger


Aki is an Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design at Westfield State University. You can thank her for all the amazing graphics and the cohesive style of the platform!

Arnaud Bachelard


Arnaud is a copywriter and photographer from Chamonix, France. The best photos you see come from him. This is the only time you’ll see him without a gelato!


Colette Barry


Colette has made videos for Microsoft, Adobe, and Stanford University. She’s here because we know that you’d “rather watch the movie than read the book.”

Andrew Fossen


As an expert in YouTube Marketing, Drew came in to fix everything wrong with our channel. Now he's taking our views to the next level.

The Team

The Coaches