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Meet Our Platform Team

Joe Stadel


Joe is a Senior Technology Consultant. He’s old enough to have ‘Senior’ in his work title, yet he still gets carded for a lottery ticket.

Kate Rolfes

Advisor/Social Media

Kate is a graduate of Bucknell University, where she studied Markets, Innovation and Design. She’s running the social media, so show some love and follow our accounts.

Amy Slamp


As a Senior Program Advisor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amy brings expertise and guidance to keep this platform educational.

Chris Williams


Chris has been the SVP/Head of Marketing for Lending Club, Vanguard, and Campbells (to name a few). He’s likely the reason you know of us.

Tim Rolfes


Tim is a Senior Program Manager at Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati. If there’s an impossible task, he’ll have an answer by the weekend.

Ryan Thompson


When he’s not racing in Ironman competitions, Ryan’s keeping our finances up to speed. Thank goodness he became a CPA so we didn’t have to.

Arnaud Bachelard


Arnaud is a copywriter and photographer from Chamonix, France. The best photos you see come from him. This is the only time you’ll see him without a gelato!

Aki Weininger


Aki is an Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design at Westfield State University. We figured you don’t want to look at overused stock images, so she’s fixing it (with Arno!).

Colette Barry


Colette has made videos for Microsoft, Adobe, and Stanford University, between teaching yoga classes. She’s here because we know that you’d “rather watch the movie than read the book.”

Casey Slamp


After placing second at the Taipei World Drumming Competition, Casey decided he wanted a new challenge – like finding sponsors for this platform. Challenge accepted.

Meet The Professional Writers

Bill Bagley

With more than 35 years of experience leading HR & Recruiting, Career Development, and Leadership Coaching efforts for business professionals throughout the United States, Bill is the perfect resource for all things “Career.”

Paul Skidmore

Paul specializes in travel and photography. His passion for travel spans back to his childhood and has been a life-long obsession.

Rich Francis

Rich is a full-time traveler from Wales. Since bagging his English and Ancient History degree, Rich has been through five continents and upwards of 50 countries, gaining a TEFL certification along the way.

Dawn Torres-Gale, AFC

In 2008, Ms. Torres-Gale was chosen by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Foundation to be part of a select group of military spouses who received FINRA sponsored training.

Charlotte Scott

Charlotte Scott is a Los Angeles based Sustainability Consultant. She started her career in Louisiana, managing waste generated from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Farbod Javaherchi

Farbod is a serial entrepreneur having started 8 different companies in marketing, sales, and technology since graduating college.

Debrah Sutherland

Debrah is a Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate with a growing team of successful agents. She educates future first-time home buyers via her co-created e-course and local events.

Hunter Phoenix

After receiving an M.A. in Psychology, Hunter went on to become a Certified Professional Life Coach. For more than 10 years, she helped clients to live their best lives.

John DeLuca

After winning first place in his final show at the Men’s Physique competition, John decided to use his expertise to help normal, everyday people create the body they’ve always desired…

Olga Fawcett

As a former insurance broker for over 10 years, Olga has deep knowledge of insurance concepts and policies. She is passionate about helping others find policies that suit their unique needs.

Alyssa Harmon-Salter

Alyssa received an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. For the last 7 years, she has mentored hundreds of college students on how to be successful academically and in prepping for a job.

Dr. R. Y. Langham

After receiving her Ph.D in Child & Family Psychology, Dr. R. Y. Langham spent over ten years counseling those in need. Now she’s a psychological consultant and published author.

Michael Power

Michael is a world-traveling expatriate, that spent years teaching in South Korea. He left the United States in 2012 and has traveled the world ever since.

Dr. Charles Meakin III

Charles (Chuck) is a 60-year-old oncologist who spent the last 40 years passionately studying healthcare, eastern philosophies, and fitness predictors of longevity and happiness.

Shannon Costello

Shannon’s certifications include Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian, ACE Health Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Tim Rolfes

Tim is a business driver, community leader, and personal coach. He helps people and organizations find and maximize their talents and opportunities.

Chicca Maione

Chicca is a Tuscan-based architect and a passionate chef of home cooked food. She has spread traditional-Italian and typical-Tuscan cuisine in Italy and abroad since 2000!