Advertising Policy

The Policy

In order to provide top tier advice from industry professionals - for free - we rely on advertisements, partnership (affiliate programs), and donations.

We want you to know this does not impact the quality of our content as writers are not influenced by this process. Links are added after articles are finalized. By doing this, we strive to bring you the most straightforward, factual advice to help you through your 20s.

Learn more about our content process here.

1. Advertisements

In some instances, you may see ads in our pages and posts. This is generally a PPC service and we are compensated if a user leaves the website after clicking through one of these ads. We constantly review the types of ads that are allowed through this service to keep it appropriate and relevant to our viewer base. If you see an ad that is offensive or does not fit our guidelines, please copy the URL and share it with us at

On our “Gift Ideas” page, we feature products from companies by and for young adults. These small businesses strive to make a difference in the world while growing their idea. To showcase their products on our platform, these companies pay for the advertising space. If you have a product you’d like to promote, please contact us.

2. Partnerships

We have a network of partnerships linked to the platform. After months of searching for the perfect partners, we found a few to promote to our viewers. Please note, we do not endorse any of these products or services. The hope here is that through these affiliate programs, we showcase companies that are able to help in areas related to the topic. In turn, we are compensated for the referral if a viewer clicks into these links.

We are also part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. To remain unbiased, we do not recommend links for authors to include into their articles. Instead, we look through an article after it is written to link to related products. By doing this, readers are able to quickly pull products that could be helpful and beneficial in their life.

3. Coaches

We built a directory on our platform to help young adults find a coach in a topic of their choice. In order to feature these coaches, they pay to list their company and services. Though we strive to find high-quality guides to share with our readers, we do not endorse any specific person or company. The “Find A Coach” page serves as a way to quickly find a coach across numerous categories without the hassle of searching through multiple websites. All interactions take place outside of Guide, Inc. services.

4. Donations

Our reader are amazing. They are the reason we continue to search for top tier professionals and bring their voices to this platform. In order to help cover the costs of the platform, we offer a donation option when a user signs up to become a part of our community. These donations help us to continue providing our services without interuptions. There is no difference in paid membership or unpaid membership, as we aim to provide high-quality content to everyone.