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Before dating apps for young adults and dating websites for young adults ever existed (back in the old days), people had to meet others face-to-face to even have a hope of going on a “date.” Setting up a “Netflix and chill” type of date through online dating sites was completely unheard of. That’s nuts isn’t it? Well, thank goodness we are no longer stuck with the dating rules of yonder years. Nope, today we can meet people online and set-up a date or “hookup” at a real location – all with the tap of a finger or click of a mouse.

Dating websites for young adults: convenience at your fingertips

One of the great things about dating websites for young adults is they offer a wide-range of opportunities to “meet up” with others. They also give really busy people a way to socialize and get their needs…cough…cough met. A few swipes and you’re going on a date. It’s that easy. Oh, and the number of eligible “singles” is amazing.

You can browse the vast selection of men and women of all ages, weights, heights, relationship statuses, religions, body shapes, races and ethnicities, education and income levels, and sexual orientations. Whoa! And, you get to do this in bed, sitting on the couch, eating dinner, at work or school, riding in a car, or even while you’re on a date with someone else (don’t do that, though).

Website or App?

Most user-friendly online dating sites, including the three best dating sites for young adults, also have apps (i.e. Match, Zoosk, and eHarmony). It takes dating to another level – a better, more accessible level. These dating sites have a large database of “daters” for young adults who are looking for long-term relationships or causal hookups.

What does this mean for you? It means there are plenty of like minded and non-like minded people, who are ready to get their feet wet or plunge feet first into the wild and crazy world of dating. All you have to do to take that leap is sign-up on the site. Then, you’re ready to explore all the fish in the dating sea.

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Use – 4.9/5.0

The #1 online dating site, in my humble opinion, is This prehistoric, but mighty online dating originated in 1995, which means it is the OG (original gangster) of online dating websites for young adults and beyond. In other words, it has been on the scene longer than any other US dating site.
It is even popular overseas! Its reliable platform makes it a good choice for online dating for busy, shy, introverted, or just plain lazy young adults, who really want to connect in some capacity with other people – without having to meet them face-to-face at first. offers “singles” a variety of possible scenarios – i.e. friends, dating, causal relationships, long-term relationships, and hookups, of course. Another great tidbit about this dating site is that it has facilitated more first dates, long-term relationships, and solid marriages than any other dating site currently available. It is that good. All you have to do to join (for free) is sign-up on the website or app (download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play Store).
Then, you can search available “daters” to your heart’s desire – when and where you want to. To top it off, promises that with a subscription, you will find a “match” within 6 months or you’ll receive the next 6 months for free! Features include: winks, private messages, and support through dating and safety articles.
Bottom Line: has a lot to offer “singles” looking for friends, dates, partners, spouses, hookups, and “friends with benefits.” This online dating giant has spent 20+ years “perfecting” its online platform, adding new tools, and refining its “matching system” to offer “daters” the best possible outcomes. And, guess what? It is actually working!
If you want to verify that works – check out the romantic and uplifting love stories highlighted in the blog.


Use Zoosk – 4.7/5.0

My 2nd choice for best online dating website is Zoosk. This free dating service began as a Facebook “add-on” in 2007. Now, however, it’s a universal dating site with millions of available “daters.” One of the best things about Zoosk is the way it effortlessly (or so it seems) combines online dating with social networking.
Another plus? Like, it offers an app that can be downloaded onto your phone and/or tablet – for on-the-go dating. In addition, its subscriptions are slightly more affordable than some of the other online dating services, including You are also able to tailor your “dating experience” to fit your preferences, so that’s definitely a plus. 
Zoosk’s main draw? It attracts young, single adults, who are in search of an easy online dating experience that includes dating, hookups, friendships, and long-term relationships/marriages. So, it contains the whole gamut of experiences. The site’s cool features, upgrades, and “matching games” offer young adults carefree and fun ways to date in this new age.
Bottom Line: Zoosk is a fast-growing online dating service that touts a massive database of available “singles.” In fact, over the last 10+ years, it has steadily attracted 40 million “daters” of all ages, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, religions, locations, educational levels, and social-economic backgrounds. The outcome for most? Solid friendships or long-lasting relationships and marriages.
This why Zoosk is a close second, in my eyes.
Zoosk offers two affordable subscriptions, if you want more advanced features, options, access, and upgrades. However, the basic service is free.


Use eHarmony – 4.7/5.0

My 3rd pick for best online dating site is eHarmony. This dating service shortens the sign-up process, so you can start searching almost immediately. In addition, it is one of the easiest sites to navigate. eHarmony first showed up on the scene in 2000 as a cutting-edge dating service with an advanced “matching system” that is based on the “rules of attraction.” And, like the dating services listed above, eHarmony is also offered as an app (you can download it from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store).
The main benefit of using this particular online dating service is the comprehensive personality profiles. These profiles help “match” compatible young adults with each other. The goal is to connect “daters” who share similar personalities, temperaments, passions, interests, pet peeves, religions, goals, preferences, etc.
Bottom Line: eHarmony has always focused on helping “daters” find lifelong partners. It uses 29 compatibility markers of a happy relationship to ensure that their “daters” are right for each other. Over the last 18 years, eHarmony has helped people find love, enter long-term relationships, get married, and start their own families. It is truly a dating service success story – and it’s only beginning.  
Note: The basic site is free; however eHarmony does offer subscription packages at: 1 month for $60 a month, 6 months for $40 a month, 12 months for $19 a month, and 24 months for $10 a month. The more months you subscribe for – the lower the costs.
eHarmony has been catalyst for 500 marriages a day – in the US and around the world. That is approximately 2% of all marriages – so it’s definitely an asset to both young and old(er) ‘daters.’


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The only way to really know which dating websites for young adults are best for you is to thoroughly research them.

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