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Unless you’re dedicated to traveling with almost nothing, some of the best travel tech items will undoubtedly make your travel experience easier.

We’ve discussed how important it is to travel light. When you cut your equipment down to the essentials, you’re more inclined to interact fully with your environment.

Choose the best travel tech gadgets!

Some photography enthusiasts love having a lens on their camera phone, as well as a tripod and remote shutter for the highest-quality, affordable pics. Others, who have more extroverted goals, bring a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker wherever they go.

People who work on the road often get more productivity out of having a laptop stand, wireless keyboard, and mouse. No matter what you end up doing abroad, planning your accessories ahead of time makes everything go smoother. And it never hurts to set a trend among the people you meet.

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We’ve discussed how important it is to travel light. When you cut your equipment down to the essentials, you’re more inclined to interact fully with your environment.

That being said, some of the best travel tech items can really facilitate a better travel experience. Even adventurers who travel with little more than a camera can benefit from adding one or two items to their carry-on.

You may not want all of the items listed below, but for every kind of traveler, there’s at least one gadget that can make your journey easier – or save you in a pinch. Check out our highest recommendations for 2021 and let us know what you think.

1. A Power Bank

Everyone travels with a power bank nowadays, yet most don’t buy the best. Typically, we’ll pick one up at random while waiting at the airport.

Investing in a high-quality power bank before you travel is a wiser choice. You can get one that will revive all your devices via their various cables on a single charge. We like RAVPower’s 26800mAh power brick, but anything by Anker is worth checking out as well.

Ending up with a dead phone far from home is annoying. Having your phone die on you when you’re on a random street in a foreign city is a much bigger problem. Even if you don’t carry your power bank with you, your hostel mates will like having someone who planned ahead.

2. Camera Phone Lens

If you don’t have a professional camera for your travels, this sub-$40 device can make your travel photos shine. With a high-quality zoom for near-SLR quality, you’ll be able to keep your camera roll full of moments.

You may want to add a few more camera phone accessories if you’re planning on taking lots of photos. Likewise, a flexible tripod, portable LED circle, and Bluetooth remote shutter can help you take better pics than a selfie stick alone.

3. Mouse, Keyboard, Laptop Stand

This is the holy trifecta of working travelers. Your productivity and posture improve substantially when your laptop is off the table, keeping your vision focused and your focus high.

The tricky part is that you have to own all three. A stand only works if you lift your elbows to your chest like a typing T-rex, and the keyboard and mouse don’t do a lot for everyone on their own. Put all of these items together and you’re on your way to Maximum Digital Nomad. Especially if you throw in the next item on our list…

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4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Remember when these cost $1,200 and were exclusively made for world-traveling, baby-hating businessmen? Now you too can doze peacefully in coach no matter who’s crying, whether they be babies, friends, baby friends, etc.

Noise-canceling headphones also work on the ground. Want to get a blog post done at a popular local cafe like I’m doing now? It’s way easier when the motorbikes are just a distant hum beyond the sound of your playlist.

The best noise-canceling headphone depends on your budget. Sony’s WH1000-X3 ranks highly, as do the Bose QuietComfort 35. Both are solid high-end options at $350. Plantronic’s Backbeat Pro 2 is a good starter set at only $150, while in-ear headphones like the Phiaton BT 120 come in well under $100.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

You won’t always be keeping your music to yourself. Be ready to answer ‘Does anyone have a speaker?’ with ‘Only if we play MY music’ (jokingly) when you bring your own wherever you go.

Opt for a waterproof speaker if you’re traveling for pleasure. These kinds of trips usually end up with at least one day near the water, whether it’s the hostel pool or a waterfall day trip. Anker’s Soundcore Flare is a popular choice for under $70. A more compact option like the Wonderboom 2 or the budget Tribit XSound works well for the one-bag traveler.

Actionable Steps


Plan a budget for top travel tech.

You’re already saving up for your next trip. How much of your travel stash can you part with for a new item? An extra accessory can improve your voyage, so try to pack at least one new gadget to try out.


Make a wish list.

Must-haves, kind-of-wants, borrow-a-friend’s – whatever items you could see yourself traveling with, write down. You can make a list on paper or on your phone, or build one on Amazon to help set your future budget.


Organize your trip.

Planning an adventure excursion? You might not need a laptop stand if you’re not even bringing your Macbook. At the same time, better make sure your Bluetooth speaker is shock- and water-resistant. Moreover, everything you pack should be relevant to the kind of travel you’re doing. Leave the extra weight behind.


Consider insurance.

Higher-priced gadgets are a financial pain to replace. Insuring your laptop and other electronic valuables is a good call prior to any long-term voyage.


Ask for recommendations.

Know someone who’s traveled extensively? Chances are they’ve picked up more than a few accouterments for abroad. Talk to your friends and family about where you’re going and what type of trip it’ll be. Then start planning ahead.

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