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COVID-19 has shaken the world of travel and made many parts of the world inaccessible. During 2020, we have witnessed a change in life. Many freedoms we have enjoyed have been taken away as a necessity for our safety.

This means that travel in 2021 looks vastly different.

As a result, we may have to adapt our way of traveling and look for new adventures in less crowded locations. In 2021, why not consider exploring your home country or region as the world stabilizes? This could be the first step towards tentative travel and give you the confidence to go further afield. Also, you could try more isolated methods of travel like wild camping, and campervan hire.

Due to travel restrictions still being prevalent in many areas, 2021 could also be the year you try somewhere different. There are some amazing destinations that are lesser traveled. These destinations could offer the perfect break and a safe adventure in a world in turmoil. Some travel ideas for 2021 include Slovenia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Botswana.

Expert Tip: Don’t follow the crowds – the world is a huge place and there are plenty of destinations to visit aside from popular spots like New York, London, and Paris.


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Most of us will have had a year without travel. 2020 was a strange time – COVID-19 swept the world, and for most people, travel became an afterthought. Many people will have indeed had planned trips cancelled or rescheduled. I, for example, had three trips cancelled in 2020, and one moved to October of this year – here’s hoping!

We were more concerned with our safety, and helping stop the spread of this deadly pandemic – and rightly so. However, in 2021, things are changing. The world is healing, and we are making progress against COVID. Borders are opening and travel is once again becoming a reality!

If you need a break (you must be – I think everyone in the world is!), you may still be unsure about travel and have reservations. This is understandable. Travel in 2021 is set to be incredibly different to what we are used to. However, travel is once again becoming a reality. As this reality comes to fruition, we have created a list of the best travel ideas for 2021 – enjoy!

Here are some local travel ideas for 2021:

1. Stay local and find hidden gems at home

Whilst the world still battles against COVID, you could play it safe for your initial trip, and stay local! We often neglect our home countries and regions in favor of more exotic destinations. This is often a mistake as your own country can provide a world of opportunity. Before you venture abroad, why not take a trip or road trip in your country? This could help build your confidence and test the waters for the reality of travel in 2021.

2. Wild Camping In The Wilderness

For the more adventurous, wild camping could be the perfect tonic in 2021. Wild camping is becoming hugely popular, and during this time of uncertainty, it could be a much safer option too! Imagine heading out into the wild with your tent and camping gear. You find a secluded spot and get to wake up to a gorgeous sunrise across a peaceful valley where no one else is in sight – perfect!

Expert Tip: If wild camping, always check any legal restrictions, or any camping rules you must abide by.

3. Rent A Camper Van or RV

Building on the theme of safe travel, you could look at hiring a campervan, caravan, or an RV! 2021 could be the year of the epic road trip. By renting a camper van or RV, you can avoid crowded hotels and get away from major populated areas. This can give you an additional level of safety. Also, traveling with a campervan allows you to explore more places, and travel to destinations you wouldn’t usually think of.

4. Travel to less-crowded destinations

If you crave some sense of normality in your travels, you can still travel safely – simply head to less-crowded destinations! I don’t think that popular locations like New York, Paris, and Tokyo will be heaving with tourists any time soon. However, as travel restrictions lift, they will still be busy and could become crowded. This understandably could be off-putting for some. Therefore, why not seek out quieter destinations like the ones listed below?

5 of the best International Travel Ideas for 2021: Location, Location, Location!


Slovenia is still developing as a tourist location, but it is a beautiful country. It has some absolutely stunning countryside, mountains, and waterfalls. The capital of Ljubljana is a historical place, but you can also head out of the city and visit places like Lake Bled, and even head across into Italy for some sun on the Adriatic coast at Trieste.


Montenegro is a small nation nestled between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is little-known as a tourist destination and will thus be relatively quiet. Its stretch of land on the Adriatic Sea has some fantastic beaches, coastlines, and resorts. Also, the country has some rich history and fantastic historical sites.


Botswana has dealt quite well with COVID-19 and effectively closed its borders. As a result, it is one of the safer African countries you could venture to in 2021. This varied country is home to the vast Kalahari Desert, and the Okavango Delta bursting with life. You could try something new and experience desert camping, or an epic safari quest to see legendary African animals like elephants, hippos, and giraffes.

New Zealand

Although a remote destination for many, New Zealand is accessible, and it is also a superb place to explore. If you are looking for an extended trip in 2021, New Zealand could be the perfect choice. You could explore both the north and south islands and enjoy a fully-fledged road trip! Also, if you are a movie buff, New Zealand is of course the filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy!


Vietnam is a hidden gem and is often overlooked as people prefer its neighbor, Thailand. However, in 2021, Vietnam could be the perfect low-cost exotic destination you are looking for. If you want a relaxing trip, the east coast of Vietnam has some amazing coastal resorts and jaw-dropping beaches.

Actionable Steps

Here are some tips to stay safe if you choose to travel in 2021:


Check travel restrictions and requirements before booking

Our freedom to travel has been restricted throughout 2020 and still in 2021. As a result, before booking anything, check for national restrictions. Is the country accepting foreign visitors? Are any regions in local lockdowns? Is any self-isolation required on entry? Understanding any potential restrictions can help keep you safe and avoid any unnecessary hold-ups.

Ready to book? Make it happen!


Prepare COVID travel essentials!

2021 will be the year of safe and conscious travel. As the world gets back to normal, it is still wise to be prepared and well-equipped when you pack. To make your trip easier, we advise packing some COVID essentials. These include hand sanitizer, clean face masks, and a reusable water bottle.

Of course, travel insurance is a must with the changing travel restrictions!


Read more about this topic

To build-up the excitement for your upcoming trip, you can check out websites like Lonely Planet for local travel information. Also, look at official tourism websites for the country and/or region for inspiration on things to do and where to go. Checking tourism websites can also be a great source of safety info and COVID-19 updates.

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