Can You Avoid Coronavirus? Wellness Tips To Boost Your Immune System

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Steps you can take to delay the spread of Coronavirus

Our immune systems are remarkable if we support their maintenance and function. I am off on a trip to the San Francisco Bay area with 55 22 to 30-year-old students and am armed with most of the products listed below. I am reassuring them that what is happening across the USA is more a concern for the medically frail. Thus, the focus should be on your older loved ones and those with severe medical conditions. The rest of us that do not fall into this category are responsible for ensuring we are not the vector, or path, spreading illness to this group. The following recommendations regarding COVID-19, aka Coronavirus, were shared at a recent educational program.

Help your loved ones avoid Coronavirus

If you are thinking of visiting some medically frail family or friends, and there is a chance of you being a carrier of COVID-19 (you’ve been exposed and are exhibiting some early symptoms), then reconsider the visit to help them avoid coronavirus exposure or infection. If you are not sure, wear a mask, wash your hands, and limit contact – i.e. cancel the visit.

If there is a possibility of a medically frail or elderly loved one being infected, support them with strategies such as below. Be quick to get to the ER if it seems like there is a deterioration in normal walking, breathing, mental processing, eating, drinking or elimination functions. Many times these viral infections foster damage by stressing the system and bringing out existing cardiac or respiratory diseases.

Oxygen support for anyone with these risks would be beneficial either by home O2, if available, or by Medically Certified Oxygen Plus. The oxygen support will act as a boost when shortness of breath is encountered. Another good idea is a finger O2 saturation meter; they are easy to use to monitor someone. If there is any doubt, the hospital is the next stop.

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Actionable Steps


Wash your hands to prevent Coronavirus from spreading

Use regular soap and water when possible and take your time. Carry a good essential oil blend in your bag like Thieves or Immune Boost and use a couple of drops on your hands. Surgeons have done studies on essential oils for antibiotic-resistant wound infections and found almost all of them to have anti-microbial action, even more so in combination.This simple action can help you avoid coronavirus and prevent it from spreading to others.


If you start feeling sick, don’t wait to see if it gets worse

Start your regimen ASAP. The sooner you mobilize your immune system, the less severe your symptoms are likely to become.


Eat less sugar and more green veggies

Sugar suppresses your immune system. Bitter compounds in dark leafy greens mobilize it.


Drink ginger tea

It’s fine if you use teabags, but for the real medicinal effect, cut up a thumb-sized piece of ginger root and bring to a boil, then simmer for 10-20 minutes. Add raw honey (none for babies below a year!) and drink non-stop.


Take healing and antiviral supplements and herbs

Make sure you have these in your home, as many of them are not easy to get quickly.

Vitamin D: 1 cap daily
Elderberry Syrup: 1 tsp daily
Stamets 7: 2 caps daily

Here is an idea of a regimen to take, supplement wise, if you are feeling less than optimal, even if you don’t have COVID-19:

Vitamin D: 30,000 iu as a big immune boost ONCE
Colloidal silver: 1000 ppm 1/2 tsp three times a day *only* for as long as symptoms persist
Elderberry Plus Syrup: 1 tsp or 2 caps once a day as prevention or three times a day if you’re symptomatic
Stamets 7: 2 caps three times daily
Olive Leaf Extract: 2 dropper-fulls or 2 caps three daily 
Cinnamon caps: 2 cap daily
Japanese Knotweed: 2 cap twice daily
Homeopathic Oscillococcinum: 10-20 pellets every 3-4 hours while awake
Homeopathic Arsenic Album: 30C 2 pellets twice daily

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Dr. Charles Meakin III, MD, MHA

Dr. Charles Meakin III, MD, MHA

Medical Director

Charles (Chuck) is a 60-year-old cancer doctor who spent the last 40 years passionately studying healthcare, eastern philosophies, and fitness predictors of longevity and happiness. As someone who lives in two worlds, the traditional healthcare western model and new integrative strategies and personal biohacking, he hopes to present the best of both worlds for rational decision making on difficult personal health issues.
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