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Porn addiction falls under the category of sexual addictions. Although not as common as a drug and alcohol addiction, it can still damage one’s career, romantic relationship, friendships, and/or parent-child bond. It can even affect a person’s finances. Why? Because, porn addicts tend to push everything else aside (i.e. paying bills, spending time with friends and family, performing household tasks, going to work, grooming, etc.) to go on adult websites all day and all night long.

In other words…

These addicts become so preoccupied with porn that they neglect their responsibilities. This, like all other addictions, causes the addict to perform compulsive acts, wherein continuously and obsessively watching porn on television or the internet takes precedence over other tasks.

A porn addiction is psychological, too

Understand that an addiction to porn is not only a physical act; it’s also psychological, which means that treatment should heavily rely on therapy. Removing the computer, smartphone, and/or television, or putting “child blocks” on these devices is simply not enough to treat a porn addiction.

An addiction to porn is not only a physical act; it’s also psychological, which means that treatment should heavily rely on therapy.

~ Psychologist’s Note!

Talk to a therapist

If you’re experiencing a porn addiction, a therapist or counselor who specializes in different types of addiction can help you better understand your addiction. He or she can also help you identify the underlying cause(s) of your addiction and help you recognize the triggers associated with it. The more you understand what is prompting this behavior, the better equipped you will be to tackle your addiction, should it arise again in the future.

Types of programs here for you

There are various therapy programs available that can help cure a porn addiction, such as inpatient therapy, intensive outpatient programs, individual/group therapies, family therapy, couples therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapy, etc.

But, if you are unable to seek immediate treatment for your porn addiction, you are in luck, because this article highlights ways you can combat your addiction – until you can seek professional help.  

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Actionable Steps


Read the longer version

You can learn more about porn addiction (definition, signs, possible causes, and treatment) by reading the following articles, reviewed to be the best by our professionals: Everything You Need to Know About Pornography ‘Addiction’ by Healthline, Pornography Addiction: Why Pornography Is Addictive? by WebMD, How to Break a Porn Addiction by Very Well Mind, and Are You Addicted to Porn? by Project Know.
The more you know about your addiction, the better equipped you’ll be to fight and conqueror it.


Address it

If you have a porn addiction, the first thing you will need to do if you want to combat it is address it. More specifically, address it head-on. How? By admitting you have a problem, and then talking to someone about it – i.e. a loved one, partner or spouse, a trusted friend, your religious leader, and/or a counselor or therapist. Then, seek treatment. This treatment could include addiction counseling and sex therapy, inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, and/or support groups like Sexaholics Anonymous or Sex Addicts Anonymous.


Take responsibility

One thing you should not do is make excuses for why you are engaging in this behavior and/or why you can’t seek treatment for it. The truth is no one likes to be around someone who is constantly saying why he or she can’t do this or that. It’s unbecoming, so don’t do that.
Rather, take responsibility for your actions. If you’re not ready to admit you have a problem or you’re not ready to seek treatment, because you enjoy looking at porn – say that. But, don’t make excuses about it. Be real and tell the truth. 

The worst thing you can do is make excuses for your behavior. If you enjoy porn, then say so, but don’t downplay or dismiss it.


Plan ahead

If you’re thinking about getting help for your porn addiction, that is terrific. You’ll need to make a plan of how you’ll go about it. Like mentioned above, you’ll first need to research porn addiction. Then, you’ll need to admit you have a problem with porn and talk to someone about –i.e. friend, family member, pastor, or counselor or therapist. After that, you’ll want research various treatment options, so you can find the right one for you.
Once you’ve selected a treatment program, you’ll want to schedule a consultation at the facility, counseling office, or treatment center to learn more about the program and to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Once, you have done all of that, it will be time to make a plan as to how you are going to live day-by-day without porn. You’ll need to keep yourself busy – very busy.
So, start thinking of who you can lean on while in recovery and once you become pornfree. Are there people you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while? If so, call them and ask them out for lunch or dinner. Are there movies that you’ve been wanting to see, but didn’t have the time because of your porn addiction? If so, make a day of “movie-hopping” with a friend.
Have you been neglecting your health? If so, start paying more attention to it by signing-up at your local gym, walking around the neighborhood with a friend or loved one in the evenings, getting out and socializing with others more, paying attention to what you eat, and getting more rest.
Are you dying to learn a new language or skills? If so, sign-up for a few interesting classes like dance, foreign languages, cooking, etc. at your local college, store, or community center. The goal is to stay busy, meet new people, and have fun at the same time.
In other words, do something that can take you away from your devices and porn. This is especially important once you recover from your porn addiction and life throws you curve balls that stress you out. The goal of this step is to be as productive as humanly possible. You should be so tired at the end of the day so that all you can do is go to bed.
Planning ahead can prevent you from slipping back into old familiar habits.

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Dr. R. Y. Langham

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