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Grow Your Brand With Our Marketing For Coaches.

At Guide, we're all about new connections. Our advice and coaching platform connects young adults seeking guidance with coaching businesses like yours. Do you want to grow your coaching brand through better marketing? List your coaching business and grow your client base!


Promote your business to up to 30,000+ monthly viewers with a coach directory listing.


Boost your coach directory listing automatically across 500+ expert articles and pages.


Receive the code for a FREE base listing when you share us on Instagram.

How It Works

At the heart of our company, we’re building the world’s largest one-stop-shop Virtual Coach Directory.

We connect young adults seeking guidance to your life, wealth, health, social, or career-based coaching business. Not only is your coach directory listing promoted across 500+ articles and pages, it is also displayed in our Virtual Coach Directory. All interactions after the introduction (including payments you charge your new clients), occur through your own process so you own control.

Check out the amazing coach perks below!

Perks of Joining Our Coaching Platform

Coach Directory Listing

Your Coach Directory Listing shows viewers everything you can offer them. Creating your listing takes less than 10 minutes!

Automatic Advertisements

You're promoted across 500+ expert articles and pages, including our Coach Directory, where we reach 30,000+ monthly viewers.

Coaching Client Leads

Viewers get in touch with you directly through a contact form on your coach listing that delivers right to your personal inbox.

Featured Listing

Your coaching business is featured at the top of our Virtual Coach Directory for a week once you sign up.

Private Coach Community

Don't reinvent the wheel. You're facing similar business problems as other coaches, so why not share questions and insights?

Referral Bonuses

Want to stay on top of our Virtual Coach Directory? For every coach you bring in, we'll give you two featured weeks!

Add-Ons Available After Sign-up

Social Advertisements
ViralSweep Promotion
Featured Video Promotion
Content Posting (With SEO)
Newsletter Advertisements

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