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Our viewers are looking for guidance. Your coaching business is looking for virtual clients. Let's make the connection!


Gain access to 20,000 monthly views from young adults looking for guidance.


State-of-the-art automation designed to require 0 time from you after sign-up.


Flat rates so low, you'll pay off your subscription with just 1 new lifetime client.

About Us

Which Type Of Coach Are You?

The “Looking To Grow” Coach

Whether you’re new to the game, or found time to support more clients, you’ll love how easy it is to create a business page on the platform, giving your business a boost in web presence. Don’t miss out on the exciting Promotion Week or direct Hot Leads list, focused on setting you up with multiple new clients.

The “Looking To Boost SEO” Coach

You have the clients you want, so what’s next? Spread your insights through the content posting side of our platform and boost your SEO. We spread it to our followers for you. Need help solving a different business problem? Don’t fret, we have a community of coaches you can connect with for support.

The “Looking To Connect” Coach

We get it – you are great with the older demographic, but you haven’t yet cracked how to connect with the newer generation. Leave that to us! We spend thousands each month marketing to young adults. In addition, our personalized support will help you keep your business listing relevant.

Your Coach Perks

If your coaching business relates to any of the categories on the platform (life, wealth, health, social, and career-based coaching businesses) then you’ll be a great fit! At the heart of our company, we function as a coach directory. We help people searching for guidance find your business and contact you. All interactions after that (including payments you wish to charge clients) occur through your own services/website. In addition to the directory, we’ve expanded to include a number of amazing coach perks to help your business grow!

Our perks are built to automate the areas of your business that don’t make you money, so you can focus on the areas that do – like coaching people! As a bonus, you’ll love how affordable it is!

Coach Directory Listing

Your listing helps people to find you while we promote your services. Our one-page form is simple, easy, and fun!

Automatic Advertisements

You're promoted across our pages, articles, and social media channels (including paid ads), reaching even more potential clients.

Content Posting

Grow your SEO footprint and reach through articles, and we'll send it out to our followers! We'll handle formatting, SEO, and sharing.

Direct Hot Leads

Members reach out and ask us for help. We link them with you and your business to provide 1:1 guidance.

SEO Keywords

We've compiled thousands of high quality keywords for articles. Check one out for article ideas and get that organic SEO boost.

Promotion Week

We'll work with you to set up a promotion to get clients, and share it across our channels. Then, we'll connect you with winners.

Featured Video Events

Create videos to answer relevant member questions. Your business will always be advertised as we host it in our video library.

Coach Community

Don't reinvent the wheel. You're facing similar business problems as other coaches, so why not share questions and insights?

Referral Program

Get the perks for free! If three new coaches sign up and put your name down as the referral, we'll waive your platform fees.

Premier Support

Whether it's marketing advice with your listing or questions about posting articles - we're always here to help.

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