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Which Type Of Coach Are You?

The “Looking To Grow” Coach

Whether you’re new to the game, or found time to support more clients, you’ll love how easy it is to create a business page on the platform, giving your business a web presence. Don’t miss out on the exciting Promotion Week, focused on setting you up with multiple Hot Leads.

The “Looking To Boost SEO” Coach

You have the clients you want, so what’s next? Spread your insights through our content posting side of the platform and boost your SEO. We spread it to our followers for you. Need help solving a different business problem? Don’t fret, we have a community of coaches you can connect with for support.

The “Looking To Connect” Coach

We get it – you are great with the older demographic, but you haven’t yet cracked how to connect with the newer generation. Leave that to us! We spend thousands each month marketing to young adults. In addition, our personalized support will help you keep your business listing relevant.

All The Perks

Regardless of what type of coach you are above, if your business relates to the categories on the website (life, wealth, health, social, and career-based coaching businesses) then you’ll be a great fit! 

Why? Our viewers are looking for guidance. Your business is looking for virtual clients. Enter our perks – the ultimate solution for connecting both sides! As a bonus, you’ll love the affordability too. The perks below are included in all coaching packages.

Business Listing

Your listing helps people to find you while we promote your services. Our one-page form is simple, easy, and fun!

Marketing Reach

You're promoted across our pages, articles, and social media channels (including paid ads), reaching even more potential clients.

Posting Content

Grow your SEO footprint through articles, and we'll send it out to our followers. Your articles provide even more advertising.

SEO Terms

We've compiled thousands of high quality keywords for articles. Check one out for article ideas and get the SEO boost.

Coach Community

Don't reinvent the wheel. You're facing similar business problems as other coaches, so why not share questions and insights?

Promotion Week

We'll work with you to set up a promotion to get clients, and share it across our channels. Then, we'll connect you with winners.

Personalized Support

Whether it's marketing advice with your listing or questions about posting articles - we're here to help.

Website Updates

Quality is key. We're constantly updating the platform and consulting with market research trends, our users, and our advisers.

Future Perks

Join our coach community now and get rewarded for it forever. Any new perks we add in the future will be included in your plan.

Referral Program

Get these perks for free! If three new coaches sign up and put your name down as the referral, we'll waive your platform fees FOR LIFE.

Live Events (Coming Soon)

We're working to create live events for coaches to meet with our community members. This will help to build your following.

Reports (Coming Soon)

Check out our platform insights and see how different categories are growing!

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