Farbod Javaherchi

Farbod is a serial entrepreneur having started 8 different companies in marketing, sales, and technology since graduating college.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Farbod! I am a digital marketer, consultant, and seriel entrepreneur having started 8 different companies in technology, marketing, and sales. My journey in business began with my first vision to create a solution for a mass market, Monstertrade.com, in 2003 while I was still attending college at UCSB. It was a platform to help college students save money while buying and selling textbooks and other school related items directly from each other.

My other previous companies include Apex satellite, which was a large satellite sales company with over 100 employees, selling and installing satellites in over 2,000 homes per month. I was also the co-founder and CEO of Local Zoom Inc., a local SEO and Website company which served over 10,000 small businesses.

In 2015, I founded Novia Marketing, an innovative lead generation and full service marketing agency. Our clients have ranged from one time data buyers to presidential candidates. We also own a SAAS platform called SYNC Profiles for local businesses to help them gain better visibility online, manage their data across the Internet, and generate positive online reviews.

In my spare time, I play piano, soccer, wake surf, ski, and travel to remote places where I can take a break from technology. I’m also a certified grassroots soccer coach and I’m currently the head coach of a girls U-14 soccer team.

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Lessons for Life

1. It’s always about the little things.

2. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

3. Always move forward.

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