Guide, Inc. Content Guidelines

The Problem

With so much content online, it’s hard to determine what’s accurate and what’s not. Search rankings do not prioritize professionals over inexperienced bloggers, so that number one result you always click on may be very misleading (or just plain wrong).

At Guide, Inc., we understand this problem – that’s why we are trying to fix it. We bring in top tier professionals in their fields to write relevant, fact-based, and easy to digest content in order to help young adults through their 20s. Below is our strategy, in the open, to show you that we are transparent and unbiased.

The Mission

We are a free online platform dedicated to providing real, educational, and professional guidance to young adults. Our One-Stop-Shop makes life easier, healthier, and happier, ultimately making the world a little bit better.

The Experts

All articles are written by a professional in the field that has experience in the topic. Information about the author is included at the end of his or her post so you can see for yourself.

We have Chefs, Professional Life Coaches, Registered Nurses, World-Wide Business Leaders, Certified Financial Planners, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Oncologists, Licensed Real Estate Agents, Expatriates, Sustainability Consultants, Psychologists, Academic Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Serial Entrepreneurs, Licensed Real Estate Agents – to name just a few – and continue to bring in professionals to help you.

The Topics

All topics are recommended by young adults through our social media, our professionals in the field, or are provided to us by our SEO team after targeted research.

Each topic we receive is reviewed by our team for relevance, usefulness, and the ability to generate a positive change in the lives of others.


The Content

In our articles, we always have a Shorter Version section for readers that want a quick overview of the answers to the topic. Some articles, if necessary, have a Longer Version section to dive into further details. Each article includes actionable steps at the end to help drive change.

The References

As experts in their fields, our writers will link to helpful studies, articles, and sources that both validates the information in the article and allows the reader to continue learning more on the subject. However, topics are given to our professional writers without any pretense about paid links, sponsorships, referrals, or products. This is critical in providing unbiased content across the platform.

In order to bring in top tier talent, we do have limited sponsored ads posted throughout the platform. We receive compensation if someone clicks into these ads, and in some cases, applies and gets approved for services. This does not affect our content since writers are not influenced by this process. We strive to bring you the most straightforward, factual advice to help you through your 20s.

The Topics

After the article is returned by a writer, it is first reviewed by our editor, then reviewed a second time by a platform team member, and then the article receives final approval by the author. We hope this three-step review process helps in posting only high-quality content across our platform. It also ensures that all writers have final approval.

If you notice any errors in our content, please contact us.

The Feedback

Our platform undergoes extensive target market user testing. We are continually trying to provide the best experience and content for our audience. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.

The Vision

It’s with these guidelines we hope to earn your trust and achieve our vision of becoming the largest online resource for young adults.