How to Break Free from An Unfulfilling Job

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How to Leave An Unfulfilling Job

You studied hard, got the degree, landed the high-paying job, and are now neck-deep in the career that you thought would bring you immense fulfillment, but no longer is. You’re probably wondering how to escape from this unfulfilling job.

Now what?  

A lot of us can relate to being in a job or career that just isn’t exciting anymore and doesn’t satisfy us on a deeper level.  

Sure, we might get paid well, receive generous benefits, and be surrounded by co-workers that we truly enjoy working with, but life is more than just that. Or said differently, FULFILLMENT in life is more than just that.  

Yet, even though we might recognize that we are unhappy or unfulfilled in our current career track, the vast majority of us continue to plow through work, hoping for a change.  

Instead, consider exploring other options so you can have a fulfilling career, not just a job.

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We crave the comfort and safety of remaining in our career, even though we could lose that employment at any time, as so many people have struggled with during the COVID-19 pandemic.    

And so, the desire for short-term security outweighs the desire for long-term fulfillment…if only for a brief period of time, though.  

That’s because the longer we drag out finding our real fulfillment in life, the longer we will be unfulfilled.  

It’s as if you were holding on to a buoy a mile out from the shore. You want to swim to the shore (your life fulfillment), but are afraid of letting go of the buoy (your unfulfilling career).  

But the shore is never going to come to you. You have to swim TOWARD it in order to feel happy and fulfilled.  

Swimming Away From That Unfulfilling Job

Thus, the only way to truly find fulfillment is to pursue those things that bring real and lasting fulfillment, even if that is at the expense of something you have worked so hard and long to develop, e.g. your career.  

It sounds obvious, but what does fulfillment actually look like for you?  

Is it another career, an adventure around the world, more time with your family, a life of service, or fulfilling a purpose that you believe you are meant to fulfill?  

Fulfillment in life comes in so many forms, not just through our careers.  

But An Unfulfilling Job Can Be Changed to a Fulfilling One

But if you are not finding the fulfillment you are seeking through your current career, it’s time for a change.

Time to have a new perspective and to see the bigger picture: your ultimate peace and happiness in life.  

Making the transition out of an unfulfilling career requires a lot of time, energy, and support from friends, family, and coaches.  

But ask yourself this: do I want hold on to a buoy my entire life or do I want to break free, swim out to shore, and enjoy my days in complete bliss?

Actionable Steps


Explore the Options

Figure out what you really want to do, and what it will take for you to do it. Do you need to go back to school, get a certification, take an internship, etc? Next, you can determine what steps to take in what order.


Branch Out

Even if you aren’t ready to go back to school or start a new job, dedicate yourself to learning as much as you can about the field you wish to pursue.


Network with People Doing the Work You Want to Do

This will help you with step 2, and will also allow you to build contacts for when you do enter the field.

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About the Author

Najim Mostamand

Najim Mostamand

Life Purpose Coach

My name is Najim and I am a life purpose coach, writer, and speaker helping young professionals live a more fulfilling life by discovering and pursuing their purpose. After nearly a decade in the corporate world, serving in various management and leadership roles, I experienced firsthand the emotional pain of feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and out of alignment with my true self and potential.

Today, I coach young professionals from all career paths and walks of life to become more self-aware, trust their intuition, and get out of their comfort zone so that they can transition out of their unfulfilled state and into the life or career they always wanted! If this sounds like you and you want to find real and lasting fulfillment in your life, please feel free to reach out and let’s have a chat!

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This article was originally posted on Najim Mostamand’s personal website.

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