How to Get Unstuck: My 2-Step Process

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We all have moments when we feel stuck, unable to move forward, or complete the things we want. We feel frustrated with what is, but we’re not able to see anything beyond that. When this happens, it’s important to know how to get unstuck and bring yourself out of the feeling into a more useful state. 

Read on to find out how to get unstuck with a simple 2-step process I use to help my clients.

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Actionable Steps


Get Unstuck By Changing Your State

Your state defines the story you tell yourself. If we’re not in a useful state how will we find the right strategy to overcome a challenge or achieve a goal? Put simply, we won’t. 

We all have an emotional home, a state we come back to time and time again, even if it’s not a helpful or positive place to be. However, it’s possible to train yourself so that when you feel stuck you can change your state and become unstuck.

There are 3 ways to do this:

1) Body – Stretching and grounding your body is one way to move into a different state. Spend some time oxygenating your blood by taking deep breaths and doing full body stretches. An easy way to boost energy is by expressing excitement, the same way you would as a child. Jump around and wave your arms, scream/shout, and verbally express your excitement. 

2) Focus – We get what we focus on. Naturally, your mind wants to focus on the negative, so to change your state, you need to shift your focus. Focus on something different, something positive, inspiring, or motivating. It’ll help shift your mindset into a more useful state. 

3) Language – Our language shapes our world. How we speak to ourselves and others impacts how we feel and what we believe. Change the language you’re using to change your state. E.g.: Instead of saying “I can’t do this” (which triggers our brain to find all the reasons why we can’t do something), say, “How can I do this?” This shifts your state into a can-do rather than can’t-do focus.

Change your state to change your story.


Get Unstuck by Rewriting Your Story

Ever find yourself not knowing how to move forward or solve a problem? Your story is likely the reason why!

Our story is what we tell ourselves over and over. It includes our beliefs, values, and stories of our past. Fundamentally, it shapes who we believe we are. Some of us have a story that is motivating and inspiring, focused on positive experiences and overcoming challenges. Others have a story full of turmoil, negative experiences, and struggles. For most, it’s a mixture of both. Many of us don’t realize just how powerful what we tell ourselves can be. Our story can propel us forward and create confidence and motivation, or hold us back and create helplessness and disbelief. We have the power to change this if we change our story. 

So I challenge you to take the time to re-write your story. Identify what your old story is and then write a statement outlining what you want your new story to be. Read it to yourself regularly and start behaving as if it were true – “Fake it till you make it.” Having a supportive story will help you find the best strategy to solve your problem.

Embed your new story into your thoughts and daily habits until it becomes what you tell yourself and others regularly. As a result, you’ll see your world changing around you. 

Change your story to change your life.

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About the Author

Stacey O'Callaghan

Stacey O’Callaghan

Life Coach

Hi, I’m Stacey and I’ve spent 12 years helping people take back control. Working with me goes beyond the goal we’re working on. It provides the opportunity for mindset growth and transformational change.

I use distinction accredited psychological techniques to achieve these results and empower people to own and adjust their behavior so they can achieve their own definition of thriving. With my help, you form a clear vision of what thriving means for you whether that be at work or in your personal life, and we create an action plan outlining how to achieve it. To book a consultation with SJS Coaching Services, visit

This article was re-posted with permission from the author, Stacey O’Callaghan, at SJS Coaching.

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