How To Keep Inspired When Travel Isn’t Possible

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It’s not the end of the world

Unfortunately, travel isn’t always possible. Even if you are a traveling nomad, there may be instances where you are housebound. You may, for example, be in-between trips. Alternatively, unforeseen circumstances could have laid waste to your travel plans.

If traveling is your passion, it is important to keep your inspiration and wanderlust alive during these periods of non-activity.


I find researching new destinations and cultures is a fantastic way to stimulate my mind and imagination. Hop onto Google Maps or Lonely Planet and scout out new potential destinations.

The internet is packed full of ideas.

Although you are not actively traveling, being prepared for your next adventure is a brilliant way to provide inspiration.


Why not let your imagination and creativity shine? There are several ways to do this – create a blog, edit your travel photos, or build a DIY travel display. A blog lets you reminisce about previous adventures.

It also could turn into a source of income.

Alternatively, organizing and editing your travel snaps provides further inspiration. Look back on the awe-inspiring journeys you have had.

Finally, a DIY travel display is a great item to create. Something like a world map pinboard or a photo collage brightens up your home. It also stimulates your imagination and keeps travel fresh in your mind.

If these tasks aren’t enough, try this

Jump onto an online printing service and produce some travel photo albums or canvases! You can decorate your home further, and have fun looking through your snaps at the same time.

Expert Tip: Whatever you do, don’t forget about your goals and dreams. Through difficult times I always think of better days and adventures to come. Use travel inspiration as a motivating force – something that drives you and helps you persevere in your life.

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How to stay inspired when travel isn’t possible

If travel is a major influence in your life, you must be able to find inspiration when it isn’t possible. For example, extraneous global circumstances may prevent you from booking new adventures. Alternatively, if you have just returned from an epic expedition, you may not have the funds to immediately set off again.

What do you do during this downtime?

How do you keep your wanderlust alive, and stimulate your inspiration for travel?

I have a host of tricks and tips to share – for me, inspiration is easy as I have made travel about more than just the trips themselves. As you will see below, there are many things you can do to keep inspired when travel isn’t possible.

1. Research new travel destinations

Although travel may not be possible, why not research a new destination or plan your next adventure? For me, this is almost as exciting as traveling itself. I can spend hours looking at Google Maps, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet, and other travel resources.

This has a dual purpose. Firstly, it puts your imagination and excitement into overdrive. You can plan a new trip and get the ball rolling for when travel is possible again. Secondly, it improves your knowledge and understanding of our world. I have learned so much simply by reading about different countries and their cultures.

2. Start a travel blog or journal

If you enjoy writing and want to share your amazing travel stories with the world, why not start a blog or journal?

I update my travel blog on a semi-regular basis, I also keep a travel diary where I hand-write notes and stories about my adventures. I find this stimulates my mind and inspires creativity.

Furthermore, it is an enjoyable process – thinking of previous experiences and memorable moments is great for your soul. There is a myriad of blog platforms available like WordPress and Wix which allow you to easily produce and maintain your own website.

3. Organize, catalog, and edit your photos

If, like me, you enjoy travel photography, you will undoubtedly have thousands of photos packed onto your HDD. I find that due to frequently traveling, my photos often remain un-edited and cataloged. Therefore, during downtime, I dedicate time to edit images and organize them.

If you are serious about photography, software like Lightroom is used to edit images in great detail. You can improve the contrast, colors, and composition. You can also manage your photos and add keywords and search parameters. There is also some excellent free editing software available like GIMP and Darkroom that perform the same function.

Download some editing software and transform your travel photos into masterpieces!

4. Create a world map display board

For those who enjoy DIY and home-crafts, why not create a world map display? All you need is a corkboard, a large printed world map, some string, drawing pins, and small polaroid photo prints.

First, attach the world map to the corkboard. From there, you can place your polaroid travel photos around the world map using the drawing pins. Next, attach lengths of string stretching from the polaroid photos to the relevant world location.

This is an excellent and creative way to document your travels. Moreover, the polaroid images add extra depth and inspiration to your board. I have created such a world map display and it takes pride of place in my study – I love studying the map and looking at the places I have visited.

5. Print travel photo albums

Although viewing photos digitally is popular, I still enjoy creating physical photo albums. Photo albums are long-lasting mementos of your travels – you can refer back to them at any time you wish. During times of non-travel, they are an excellent form of inspiration.

I just enjoy looking back through them, and showing my friends and family – photo albums are a brilliant talking point.

There is a myriad of websites where you can create photo albums for printing. Usually, these sites have excellent customization – you can change the front cover, and even add text overlays.

Moreover, you can usually change the number of photos available. A website I use to create photo books is Zno – they produce high-quality albums and a unique type of “lay-flat” photo book – these look amazing for travel photos.

6. Create beautiful travel canvases

Websites like and allow you to transform your gorgeous travel photos into stunning canvases. A canvas is an excellent item to add style and intrigue into your home. Canvases are a brilliant way to showcase your adventures and provide you with visual memories of your trips.

Throughout my apartment, I have canvases hanging on the walls featuring my most memorable adventures – Antarctica, Svalbard, Slovenia, Rome, New York. These are all photos that I am proud of, and that sum up the amazing experiences I had during these trips.

I try to create at least one canvas in-between major trips – I find it greatly helps to boost my enthusiasm and inspiration for travel.  

Actionable Steps


Open Google Maps and just look at the world

I find this an excellent place to start for inspiration.

Open your web browser, load Google Maps, and zoom out. Look at the different countries, cities, oceans, and islands. Delve into areas that you haven’t explored before and learn something new.  


Develop at least one travel-related item in your house

Travel mementos are an excellent way to keep the inspiration flowing. Within your house, set the target of having at least one memento that you have created. This could be a canvas of your photography, a travel photo album, or something like a world map wall display.


Read more about this topic

We have gathered a host of useful resources to help boost your wanderlust when travel isn’t possible.

First, check out the awesome article on travel-inspired DIY projects for your home. Next, once you have checked out our travel guides or drooled over Google Maps, why not take a look at the wealth of travel information on Lonely Planet? Finally, check out this brilliant video from Natasha Rose entitled “DIY Wanderlust/Travel Inspired DIY Projects.”

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