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How To Make Life Changes Stick

Be honest, did you make a New Year's resolution this year? What about plans to change some areas of your life?


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Be honest, did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? What about plans to make life changes, whether big or small? For most people, these plans and big ideas simply don’t stick. It’s not for lack of enthusiasm or desire, but, usually, because there is a lack of knowledge in how to create structures to support life-changing habits for the long haul.

If you’re struggling with keeping to your New Year’s resolution or sticking to a new habit or routine, take heart. Follow these simple steps to make life changes smoother, easier, and more fun. And armed with a little bit of knowledge and an action plan, give it another try!

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Actionable Steps


Pick one thing

Whenever possible, initiate changes in your life in one area at a time. Taking on too much is a quick road to being overwhelmed.


Make life changes small

When attempting to change any area of your life, start by making the most minimal change necessary to move you towards your goal. Break big changes down into a series of small steps that you can implement one at a time. It’s easier to remember and easier to stick to.


Go week by week

In 12 step programs, people work one day at a time for a very good reason; realistically, this is all you can manage. Try committing to your new plan for just one week. This will allow you to start building momentum, see a little bit of progress, and make adjustments as necessary.


Allow it to be fluid

One of my favorite sayings is “let’s see what the reality of this situation is.” There is how you want and hope for things to be, and then there is reality. As you start to move forward, things will come up that you hadn’t anticipated. Be easy on yourself. Acknowledge the situation and then decide what the next best step is.


Stick to a routine

When things are changing, it is important to stay connected to the parts of your life that remain stable and unchanged. This will help nurture feelings of stability, a calm and overall well-being, and give you a greater chance of succeeding.


Look for support

Coaches, friends, and even Facebook groups can provide advice, resources, and a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling anxious or unsteady. The additional accountability is an added bonus!

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Hunter Phoenix

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