How to Stop Being Negative: Tips and Strategies

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How to Stop Being Negative: Discovering the Root Cause of Negativity 

The world can seem like a negative place sometimes. As a result, people often wonder how to stop being negative.

We may find ourselves constantly exposed to negative words or actions, not just from random strangers but from the people closest to us as well. 

Without a doubt, it’s the latter that we feel have the power to hurt us the most, to kick us when we’re down, and to drag us into their web of negative energy.  

But negativity is everywhere, not just in our homes or communities. It can also be INSIDE us.  

We can carry lots of negativity either on our own or as a result of being exposed to so much external negativity.  

But is this all inevitable? Are we doomed to a life of misery and sadness if we happen to frequently be exposed to negativity? 

The answer, fortunately, is no. However, it requires a bit of self-awareness and inner work to learn how to stop being negative.  

That’s because unless we live on a remote mountain with no signs of human habitation, we’re bound to run into other people—and chances are, people who exude negative energy.  

Negativity is often the status quo. It’s the default mode for nearly all people, because it requires very little to no effort to be negative.  

As humans, we naturally gravitate to the path of least resistance, and that often means being negative in many situations. 

Choosing the Easier Path or the More Rewarding Path?

Think about it for a moment. Is it easier to:  

  • Criticize someone else because they’re wearing the same dress you are OR mention a nice compliment that makes the other person smile and be at ease; 
  • Get angry or frustrated at yourself for not yet achieving the things you want in life OR celebrate all the progress and achievements yo’ve made toward your goals thus far; 
  • Distance yourself from people whose views or ideas are different than yours OR move closer toward them with the intent of understanding their point of view. 

In almost all cases, it’s easier to fall down into a web of negativity than it is to rise up into a sky of positivity.  

And the root cause of this is because we are not identifying with our true selves. Instead, we are identifying with our ego, or false self.  

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Our ego thrives off of negativity and us remaining unaware of who we really are. Left to its own devices, our ego will constantly instill feelings of greed, envy, anger, self-doubt, and other negative energies that bring us down.  

Because so many of us are oblivious that there even is ego, we often have no choice but to blindly follow and accept its negative energies. 

That is, of course, until we become aware of the true reality that we are NOT our ego. Then we can discover how to stop being negative.

How to Stop Being Negative: Navigating Around Negativity 

Developing awareness of our true selves diminishes the ego and its influence on our daily thinking, being, and living. It automatically puts YOU in control rather than this false sense of self you’ve identified with for so many years.  

Not only will awareness diminish the effect YOUR ego has on you, but it will also diminish the effect OTHERS’ ego has on you.  

For example, if someone is being negative and spoiling your moment of happiness, you won’t get mad or defensive. Instead, realize this person is identifying with their ego and not their true self. This happens because they feel empty and need to pick at other people’s happiness to temporarily feel good about themselves. Had they identified with their true self, however, there would be no need to bring others down to feel good.  

Being aware of the root causes of negativity doesn’t mean we will always successfully navigate around it. However, it significantly increases the chances that we will.  

The more awareness we develop around why we or others feel negative at certain times, the more we’ll take an objective view. We can have sympathy and compassion rather than anger and criticism.  

Awareness not only brings positivity, but also brings peace, joy, and love.  

Actionable Steps


Learn to Walk Away From Negativity

And if the awareness is still developing—and you find yourself continuing to show a negative reaction to someone else’s negativity—step away from that situation or person.  

Just because we have a deeper awareness of why people are negative doesn’t mean that we must constantly expose ourselves to that negativity.  

It simply means that we have an understanding of how negativity arises and how people can navigate around it. 


Seek Understanding and Acceptance

We no longer see the world (or even certain people) as negative. Rather, we see them as unconsciously choosing to associate with negative energies because they are unaware of the alternative: the positive and uplifting force that lies within. 
Ultimately, negative energies will always appear in your life, whether directly through your own experience or indirectly through your interactions with others.  

But if you can step back and realize that negativity is only a mask and not a person’s true reality, you’ll be able to respond to such negativity in a calmer, wiser, and more peaceful way.  

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About the Author

Najim Mostamand

Najim Mostamand

Life Purpose Coach

My name is Najim and I am a life purpose coach, writer, and speaker helping young professionals live a more fulfilling life by discovering and pursuing their purpose. After nearly a decade in the corporate world, serving in various management and leadership roles, I experienced firsthand the emotional pain of feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and out of alignment with my true self and potential.

Today, I coach young professionals from all career paths and walks of life to become more self-aware, trust their intuition, and get out of their comfort zone so that they can transition out of their unfulfilled state and into the life or career they always wanted! If this sounds like you and you want to find real and lasting fulfillment in your life, please feel free to reach out and let’s have a chat!

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This article was originally posted on Najim Mostamand’s personal website

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