How To Stop Casual Drinking

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For most of my adult life, casual drinking has been a part of it.

My parents do it. My friends do it. It’s part of society.

Until recently, I have never looked at alcohol as an issue. It was just the thing you did when you were in social situations, celebrating a moment, relaxing after a long day, or just because it’s Thursday.

However earlier this year I decided I was going to give myself a break and not touch the stuff for 30 days. That felt like a good benchmark to start with. 

The initial feeling is a mixture of empowerment and confusion. I would feel confident saying “no” to a drink but then be lost as to what to have instead.

Social situations were more anxiety-provoking than exciting as I knew that the question of WHY would be coming fast and strong.

Association and triggers were the hardest things to overcome. You’re wired to see a bar and think DRINK. You go for dinner with your friends, DRINK. You get home, make dinner, and think DRINK.

Benefits of quitting casual drinking

There are, however, a lot of positives to come from bucking the trend.

You feel more alive.

Your energy levels are consistently high and you feel that you are compounding your health each day.

Drinking felt like 5 steps forward during the week and 4 steps back at the weekend. When you stop, you just keep moving forward.

You save A LOT of money.

Not just on the booze itself but the other silly purchases you make when you had a few. (Taxis, take away, Amazon, shots, Pablo)

You have so much more focus.

Your sleep is 1000% better.

You lose weight.

Realizing how amazing having a sober Sunday is.

You realise who your real friends are.

I got fitter and wanted to exercise more.

The people that push drinks on you are usually the ones that have the problem.

Achieving my alcohol-free goal

Reaching the 100-day milestone was a huge achievement.

It felt great, like a badge of honor I could walk around with.

I realize looking back that it doesn’t take long for your brain to be rewired to the new way of thinking/doing/being in booze-related situations.

They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit. I would agree.

The challenge isn’t to stop yourself from picking up a drink, it’s to be strong-minded enough to know when to say “no” to others, resist the temptation of peer pressure, and ignoring society to do what works for YOU.

The liberating feeling of making the right choice for you can’t be beaten. It’s truly the best decision I have made this year.

A Gift For You

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A Gift For You

Win a free 1:1 coaching session!

Actionable Steps


Find new activities

What helped me during the last 100 days is finding things to do that don’t involve alcohol and planning them into your diary. Long walks, markets, day trips, galleries, brunches, exercise.


Have a ‘go to’ drink ready for when you are out.

Ginger ale was my favourite replacement for casual drinking.


Telling people prior to seeing them

The accountability is powerful and they won’t ask the question when you see them.


Know when it’s time to leave

People will change after 3 drinks anyway. It’s okay to say your goodbyes and get out. Believe me when I say they won’t miss you and you won’t miss the night.


Be confident

Be confident when you say “I don’t drink” – Don’t explain it, don’t justify it, don’t add a fluffy story to it. Just say “I don’t drink, I will have a Soda and lime, please.” (Smile)


Use a calendar

Put the mini-milestones in your calendar. 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 100 days, 6 months.


Talk to someone

If you want to learn more about ways in which you can drop the drink then feel free to drop me a message.

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Jack Revell

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Hi, I’m Jack Revell. In the last 10 years, I had 2 businesses – Events and Street Food – unfortunately, it didn’t work out simply because I didn’t love them enough to continue. In 2017 I had some coaching, and I found it super helpful for giving me clarity in life.

I’d tell everyone I knew about it, and how fantastic coaching was for me. I noticed that people started to tell me that I should become a coach myself. Now, I help you get REALLY clear on what you REALLY want. Let’s talk.

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