How To Take A Trip To Jordan

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Jordan is a country that is off the beaten track – it is not a typical tourist destination. That being said, it is a fantastic country that has so much to offer. It has a diverse mix of culture, ancient history, resort areas, and epic sights. From the legendary city of Petra to the ruins of Jerash and the modern city of Amman, every inch of this country in the Middle East will leave you amazed.

Popular destinations

When planning a trip to Jordan, you must first look at popular destinations to visit. Aqaba, for example, is a resort city on the Red Sea, whereas Madaba is a historical city with some superb sites. Look at popular destinations, and consider what type of trip you want. Do you want to relax and try your hand at snorkeling? Or do you want to see everything Jordan has to offer?

Don’t forget…

Once you have decided on the nature of your trip, you can start to plan flights to Amman, and select a tour provider. Companies such as G Adventures, for example, offer small group tours that stop at various locations in Jordan. Choose a tour or holiday package, and book flights to suit. Finally, create a list of essential items such as sunscreen, sandals, and swimwear – Jordan is not exactly your average holiday, so preparation is key!    

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Why plan a trip to Jordan?

Jordan is a small country nestled in-between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. As far as tourism goes, it is not your typical holiday destination. For those who want to experience something completely different, Jordan is a must-visit location. It is an ancient country with a long history spanning back to antiquity. Due to this fact, the sites and destinations within this nation are astounding. From the ancient ruins of Roman Jerash to the vast desert of Wadi Rum, and the sprawling roads of the King’s Highway, Jordan will amaze travelers.

If immense desert landscapes and historic cities intrigue you, why not plan a trip to Jordan? An adventure to the Hashemite Kingdom requires extensive planning and forethought. It is not a destination you can simply book a package holiday for. We understand this and have thus created a guide on how to take a trip to Jordan. 

Research the best time to visit Jordan

You may expect Jordan to remain hot throughout the year. This is not strictly true! Winters in Jordan can be cold and snowfall is not uncommon! Generally, the best time to visit Jordan is springtime – during this period, temperatures are hot but bearable. The following provides information on the different seasons in Jordan:

  • Spring: Pleasant temperatures and the emergence of wildflowers
  • Summer: Hottest temperatures and potential for high winds
  • Autumn: Cooler temperatures suitable for diving
  • Winter: Coldest temperatures and the greatest chance of rainfall

Winter is usually not a popular time for tourists – the temperatures are too cold, especially in the desert at night. We advise visiting in late spring/early summer for active holidays and late summer/early autumn for relaxing holidays and diving.

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Look at popular tourist destinations within the country

From the bright lights of Amman to the beautiful ruins of Jerash – a trip to Jordan has so much to offer. It is therefore advisable to research the different locations so that you can tailor your trip and understand what you can see. The following is a list of some of the popular sites in Jordan:

  • Petra
  • Amman
  • Madaba
  • Mt. Nebo
  • Aqaba
  • Jerash
  • Dead Sea
  • Ma’an

Jerash, for example, is an ancient Roman city – half-buried under the earth. Mt. Nebo, on the other hand, is a natural outcrop that offers stunning views across to Israel. Aqaba is a thriving coastal town on the Red Sea, whilst Madaba features a host of ancient mosaics. Look at which sites you would like to visit, and choose tour providers or holidays to suit.

Adventure, relaxation, or both

You may not know, but Jordan actually offers the chance to relax as well as seek adventure. It has a host of popular resort areas serviced with high-quality hotels. This allows you to tailor your trip and consider an extended vacation with a resort stay. The following are typical holiday types available in Jordan:

  • Relaxation at either the Dead Sea or the Red Sea resorts
  • Adventure through a guided tour of Jordan’s main sites
  • A combination of both with an extended trip

Some extended trips offer a week or long weekend relaxing at a holiday resort, combined with a week of traveling the country to visit different locations. Consider if you just want adventure, or if you want to kick back and relax too.

Look at flights to Amman

Amman is the capital of Jordan. Unless you are crossing borders (which is unlikely), you will fly into the capital. Amman has a well-serviced airport and is a modern city. It has a beautiful mix of modern infrastructure combined with ancient history and traditional Jordan culture. The name of the airport in Amman is Queen Alia International Airport, located about 30km from Amman. Look at flights so that you can plan your trip. Furthermore, consider transfers from Queen Alia Airport to Amman, or the starting location of your trip.

Consider how you want to travel

A holiday in Jordan presents many opportunities for travel. The most common ways to holiday within this country are guided tours, a resort holiday, and a car rental.

Guided tours from operators such as G Adventures are the best way to see a large selection of Jordan’s sites. Car rental and self-drive holidays provide more freedom. Finally, resort holidays are perfect if you want to do a little sightseeing but mainly relax. Consider how you would like to travel, and select a tour provider or hotel to suit.

Create an essential packing list

Finally, once you have finalized your trip, you can create a packing list. Jordan has diverse weather conditions. Additionally, if your trip is active, thought must be given to footwear and clothing. We have created a list of essential items below:

  • Sunscreen
  • Protective headgear
  • Sensible footwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Light clothing

Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from the intense heat. Headgear and sunglasses ensure you do not fall prey to sunstroke. Carrying water at all times will help you remain hydrated, while light clothing will keep you comfortable.

Actionable Steps


Choose your preferred location

Before you look at booking flights and tours, it is important to pick out which parts of Jordan you wish to visit. Do you want to relax and experience locations such as The Dead Sea resorts and hotels on the Red Sea coast? Or do you want to experience authentic Jordan culture and cities, in locations such as Madaba, Amman, and Petra? This will have a huge bearing on what type of trip you book, and which tour providers you use.


Find suitable tour providers

Before actually booking flights to Amman, it is advisable to find a tour provider. There is a myriad of quality companies that offer guided tours for your trip to Jordan. Furthermore, there is a range of hotels in resort areas such as the Dead Sea that offer all-inclusive deals. Decide how you want to travel in Jordan, and choose a suitable provider who can accommodate the dates you want to visit.


Book flights and accomodation in Amman

In most instances, your starting destination will be Amman – the capital of Jordan. It is therefore vital to look at flights into the city. The main airport is Queen Alia International Airport. This airport accommodates frequent flights from a myriad of destinations. Look at available flights, and ensure the times and dates tie in with your potential trip dates.    

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