How To Use Vision Boards To Create The Life You Want

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Shorter Version

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already heard of vision boards. Chances are you’ve also spent some time thinking about what you really want in life and how to create that. A vision board, sometimes also called a dream board, is simply a collection of images and words that inspire you and paint a picture of the life you want to live. If you were to look at my vision boards, you’d have a pretty good idea of who I am and what’s important to me. The same should hold true for you and your vision boards.

When you’re creating your vision board there are two very important questions you should ask yourself: “What do I want?” and, more importantly, (this is where so many people go wrong) “How do I want to feel?”

Vision alone does not create. Alignment does.

The true purpose of your vision board is to help you focus your energies and come into alignment with what you want to create.

Vision boards can be made by hand, physically collecting images and putting them together on a board, or there are a number of apps and online platforms you can use for this as well – think Pinterest… it’s really a giant vision board!

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Vision boards can be powerful tools when created with love, care, patience, and intention. Think of this kind of like raising a child, what kind of life do you want to create for this person? What kind of life are either one of you going to have if you go in with the energy of “Okay, let’s just get this done and get it over with so I can check it off the list and get more stuff!” So yes, your energy matters! It’s also really important that you take the time to put in the focus that produces alignment and to create the board yourself. No one else can do it for you, so don’t get any ideas about just downloading someone else’s.

The basics of your vision board

Your vision board should excite you when you see it! It can represent what you want to bring into being for a particular area of your life, i.e. your career, or your whole life in general. Be careful though not to clutter your board or too many boards. I’ve made this mistake myself trying to do too much at once! Cluttered and chaotic boards create cluttered and chaotic lives. So unless that’s what you’re going for, be extremely selective in the images you choose.

Do some reflection

Your vision board(s) should also be well-arranged, the way you would want to arrange your life. Do you want a life that is clean, streamlined, and functional? Dramatic? Elegant? Exotic? Fun? Adventurous? If you’re creating a different board for different areas of your life, I’d encourage you to pick a theme for each.

Know what speaks to you

Next, start collecting images and words that really speak to you and inspire you. Maybe it’s from magazines or images you find online. I keep a “dream board” folder on my computer and pop images in there as I come across them. This way I always have a stockpile when I need a little inspiration. Added bonus: these images are what I use for my screensaver so they pop up periodically and in random order. It keeps me inspired!

Whatever you choose, it should represent your ideal future.

Real-life application

Fun Fact: A few years ago I was looking for a new car and gathered just a few photos. I put them in the folder and forgot about them. Several months later I did buy a new car, and, oddly, in a color I never would have chosen but saw it in the dealership and fell in love with it. I was so surprised when I found the image of that exact vehicle in my dream board folder, and I have even downloaded it from the same dealership I ended up purchasing the car from. Even stranger, it was in a country that I wasn’t living in, at the time I downloaded the image. Be careful what you wish for. And yes, this stuff works!

Creating a vision board is a fun, tangible, and powerful way to focus your subconscious mind, and say “Yes please!” to the Universe. But, you still have to put in the work towards your goals. Whether it’s your first one or your 10th, have fun with it! However, don’t expect the Law of Attraction to do it for you. As I always like to say, “pray with your feet!”

Actionable Steps


Collect images that really inspire you

Whatever you put on your vision board should inspire you and BEST represent the ideal future you want to create, and what you want to bring into your life.


Keep it simple

There is beauty in simplicity and clarity, and too many images and too much information will be harder for your subconscious mind to focus on. Collect a lot of images, but then get really good at editing. Pinterest is a great tool because it’s easy to find images, and delete the extras!


Check your emotions

How does this picture, or this word, or phrase make you feel? Does it make you feel hopeful and optimistic? Or anxious, like you’re not working hard enough? Stick to images that generate positive emotions and then do some inner work on your limiting beliefs and self-talk.


Pick a theme

Whether you are doing one overall board or a different one for each area of your life, decide how you want this to feel. Some examples: free, wealthy, comfort, connection, fun. A theme for each board engages your emotions and gets your subconscious on board.


Location, location, location!

If you are creating a board for relationships, you may want to keep it in your bedroom. A board for career should be on your desk at work or where-ever you most often use your computer.


It’s not magic

Your vision board should be a tool to activate and engage your subconscious. The purpose is to keep you positive, focused, and on-track. It’s not to pressure you to keep going and it’s definitely not going to do the work for you.

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Hunter Phoenix

Certified Professional Life Coach

Hunter has an M.A. in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Life Coach. For more than 10 years, she coached clients to find and follow their passion and live their best lives. Hunter has also done youth coaching work with Covenant House, realizing that this is such a challenging and important time in life.
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