JDate Review 2021: Is JDate Worth It?

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Looking for love with a cultural/religious twist? JDate may be the perfect dating site. Our JDate review will give you all the details so you can decide if JDate is right for you.

What is JDate? Well, believe it or not, JDate is one of the largest and most popular dating sites for young Jewish singles. Spark Networks, located in Los Angeles, developed this cultural/religious dating site in 1997. And to date, it boasts 750,000 American members. According to Spark Networks, JDate has over 50,000 weekly users (54% women and 46% men). And guess what? JDate has approximately 2 million monthly visitors, worldwide, each month. 

JDate’s claim-to-fame? It has sparked approximately 52% of marriages between Jewish online daters.  While JDate primarily caters to both males and females, the largest portion of its members are women. In fact, Jewish women typically flock to JDate because of its stellar reputation of love and marriage, safety protocols, and website authenticity. So if you are looking for a cultural/religious match, JDate may be the place for you.

This JDate review highlights the advantages of selecting JDate to help you find friendship, love, and maybe even marriage.

Is JDate only for Jewish people?

Absolutely not!  

Although JDate’s target population is primarily Jewish, that does not mean you can’t find love and marriage on the site if you aren’t Jewish. Because you can! JDate welcomes both Jewish and non-Jewish singles. All that is required is an open mind and a desire to find a Jewish partner. Surprisingly, there is a large selection of non-Jewish daters looking to meet, befriend, date, and/or eventually marry a Jewish individual.

Non-Jewish daters tend to select JDate as their dating service simply because it boasts a large number of successful relationships and marriages. 

What is the purpose of JDate?

JDate is designed for singles who are looking for serious relationships. It has also fostered friendships, dates, and long-term relationships. It is not, however, for people, who simply want “hook-ups” or “flings” with other singles. Thus, people who join this site want to find love – not experience a “booty call.”

Is JDate legitimate?

It is definitely a legitimate dating site.  

One of the most important facets of online dating is making sure the site is safe and legitimate. There is nothing worse than falling in love with one person online and getting a totally different person in real life. Online dating sites are notorious for catfishes and “fakers,” so it’s important that your chosen dating site have safety and authenticity protocols in place to limit these scammers from stealing your heart – and money. 

JDate takes extra steps to ensure that members are safe by only allowing profiles, information, and pictures on their profile pages after they have been thoroughly reviewed and approved. Because of JDate’s stringent safety measures, catfishing is nearly impossible. And if by chance, a scammer is able to slide by, they are usually detected and removed fairly quickly.

How do you sign-up for JDate? 

One of the benefits of JDate is that it is not only quick but also fairly easy to register on the site. It is also free with only a few steps until you can start using the service. Initially, you’ll be asked to input your name, age, and gender on your profile page. However, once you have registered, you’ll have an opportunity to add more details. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the registration process and then you’re free to look for friendship and love. 

Just log in with your user name and password, and the world is your oyster. It’s important to upload several pictures to your JDate profile page because they will attract other singles. In other words, you’ll get more traffic to your page if you upload your most flattering pictures. Remember that all images need to be approved before they will appear on your profile. If you decide to register for the service through Facebook, your name, age, and gender will automatically be added to your profile (as a starting point). 

It is also important that you share as much information about yourself as possible. However, do not overshare personal information, such as your address, full name (not at first at least), your place of employment, phone number, or contact info for your friends or relatives. Still, sharing interesting tidbits about yourself can help potential matches get to know you better. 

Once you have completed the registration process, your profile will appear, albeit without pictures. Remember, images must be approved before they appear on your profile page. Keep in mind that it typically takes 24 to 48 hours to get pictures approved.

How does it work?

JDate is a user-friendly dating service even if you aren’t tech-savvy. It relies on matchmaking algorithms (from the info you provide) to help you meet other singles. JDate analyzes your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, and culture, location, likes and dislikes, preferences, and desired relationship to determine the right type of match for you. 

One of the benefits of JDate is it lists the percentage of similarities you share with your potential matches. JDate also uses a tracking feature, so it can offer you matches in your city, town, or state first. The purpose of identifying your general location is to help you meet singles near you, so you can go on dates. 

To fully communicate with other singles, you’ll need a premium membership. However, with a membership, you can send “flirts” to an intriguing match to let them know you’re interested. Just go to your messages and chat options and click on the member(s) that have piqued your interest. The message function is located beneath your match’s profile picture. A window will open once you hit the “messages button.”

What are the membership options?

Browse1 Month3Months6 Months
$0$59.99 per month$49.99 per month$29.99 per month

JDate Review: What are the premium features?

Premium features can add some excitement to your JDate dating experience. 

Listed below are just some of the premium features found on the JDate site: 

  • Secret AdmirerThe “Secret Admirer” feature is a fun add-in that helps you determine if a potential dater has an interest in you.  
  • Kibitz Corner -The “Kibitz Corner” feature involves asking daily questions and reading the responses of other daters. The goal of this feature is to “break the ice” and get the conversation flowing. 
  • JDate Social Events – “JDate Social Events” offers online and real-world (in-person) social events.  Real-world (in-person) events help you get to know potential matches in calm, relaxed atmospheres.  
  • JLife – You’ll also get “JLife.” “JLife” is an online magazine that offers online dating safety tips, love stories, etc.
  • Unlimited Messaging Options – JDate offers unlimited messaging so you can always reach out to other singles who have caught your eye and sent you messages.

Is JDate safe?

Yes, JDate is one of the “safer” dating services. 

As mentioned previously, JDate takes the necessary measures to ensure your safety while using the site.

In fact, JDate has stringent, unyielding posting, picture, and content guidelines and rules, so not much gets past it. Before you can use the site, you must agree to the “Terms of Use and Conditions.” JDate also offers a block feature, so if someone makes you feel uncomfortable you can block them from communicating with you. 

If you input financial information (credit or debit card information), you can also rest assured that the information is encrypted to prevent scammers, criminals, and third parties from stealing your financial data. Moreover, JDate prevents you from posting personal information (like your phone number, address, email addresses, full names, etc.) on your profile page or on the site to guarantee your protection. It also does not allow outside links. 

JDate Review: The Final Result

JDate is definitely a dating service you should consider if you’re looking to find the Jewish woman or man of your dreams! Our final JDate Review is that we give JDate an A+.

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Why Our JDate Review is A+:


The registration process is quick and easy.

Truth be told, who doesn’t love a quick and easy sign-up process? That leaves more time for finding the love of your life, right?


The site is user-friendly.

There is nothing worse than fumbling around on a complicated or disorganized website. Good thing this one is engaging and user-friendly!


You can access it on your smart device or desktop.

You’ll never miss an opportunity to catch-up with a potential match on JDate. 


You can use chat rooms for private conversations.

You know, for those one-on-one conversations you’d like to keep private in the comfort of your very own chatroom.


There are ways to tell if someone is legit.

A good sign that there is a “faker” in your presence is if the person’s profile page is shoddy, “thirsty,” or incomplete. Good thing you don’t have to worry about that with JDate. 

Interested? Sign up for love with JDate!

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