How a Workout Partner Makes Exercise Part Of Your Social Life

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The transition from college into the workforce involves many changes including a possible set back in activity level. Taking a desk job, enjoying weekly happy hours, and making Netflix binges with friends a weekend habit are just a few of the changes that can lead to a less active lifestyle. If you’re finding it hard to squeeze in your normal workout routine while still trying to have a social life, there’s a simple fix for that. Make exercise part of your social life!

Make an active lifestyle with friends a part of your regular exercise routine for improved physical health!

Merging your physical well-being and social well-being has a huge impact on your overall health. Exercise itself helps relieve stress, improves body composition, boosts your mood, and can give you more energy long-term. Socializing while exercising is also shown to improve mental health and prevent anxiety, stress, and depression. Bringing these benefits into your social circle will only enhance the impact of exercise while strengthening the relationships with your workout buddies. The emotional support friends provide during exercise helps you reach your health goals and may even help you move more. Those who sweat together, stick together!

Oh the possibilities! Time to find a “workout partner”

There are plenty of ways to sweat together as you transition from college life into the adult world. As you’re meeting new people, exploring a new town, and planning first dates, shift your mindset towards movement. How can you turn this social time into an activity? If you just moved to a new city, join a new gym or fitness community to help you meet new people. Sign up for a fitness challenge or event with a friend for accountability (or make it a friendly competition!). Be creative and get excited to move with others in a variety of ways:

  • Join a local running or walking group. Check out this site to find the best group for you.
  • Gather a group of friends to sign up for a fun run or obstacle course race.
  • Volunteer together at community events like a local race, gardening club, or park clean-ups.
  • Explore the great outdoors by choosing a new place to hike each weekend with your bestie.
  • Find a workout partner at the gym and set up regular “appointments” to exercise and socialize.
  • Turn Wine Wednesday into Wellness Wednesday by meeting friends for a new group fitness class after work.
  • Treat your dinner date to dessert with a walk through the city or along the boardwalk.
  • Join a recreational sports team like soccer, flag football, softball or kickball.
  • ‘Tis the season to be active outside with summer kayaking, fall corn mazes, or a winter ski trip.
  • Try a Yappy Hour instead of Happy Hour by walking your dog with your neighbor on the local trails.
  • Join an active group on Meetup where like-minded people get together for hobbies, sports, or trying something new.
  • Add dancing to your Saturday night out.
  • Spend a day at the park. Pack a football, volleyball, hiking shoes, fishing rods and a picnic for a full day of any activity.

The possibilities to “social-cize” are endless! Make an active lifestyle with friends a part of your regular exercise routine for improved physical health, stronger friendships, new relationships, better mental health and a whole lot of fun. You don’t have to officially declare someone a workout partner to get a benefit from exercising while socializing.

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To learn more, read these articles reviewed by our professionals: 8 Ways to Get Fit and Be Social by ACE Fitness, 10 of the Best Ways to Make Exercise Social by Huffington Post, and Walking and Talking: How Socializing During Exercise Affects Your Health by Riverview Health.


Find a true workout partner

Find a workout partner or group with similar exercise interests.


Make a plan

Plan ahead which day(s) of the week you and your workout buds will socialize. Make it an appointment and don’t be late!


Try something new

Try a new social activity each week to add variety.

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