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John DeLuca

After winning first place in his final show at the Men’s Physique competition, John decided to use his expertise to help normal, everyday people create the body they’ve always desired…


Olga Fawcett

As a former insurance broker for over 10 years, Olga has deep knowledge of insurance concepts and policies. She is passionate about helping others find policies that suit their unique needs.


Alyssa Harmon-Salter

Alyssa is a Doctor of Education, receiving her degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. For the last 7 years, she has mentored hundreds of college students on how to be successful academically and in prepping for a job.


Tim Rolfes

Tim is a business driver, community leader, and personal coach. He helps people and organizations find and maximize their talents and opportunities.


Chicca Maione

Chicca is a Tuscan-based architect and a passionate chef of home cooked food. She has spread traditional-Italian and typical-Tuscan cuisine in Italy and abroad since 2000!