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Rich Francis

Rich is a full-time traveler from Wales. Since bagging his English and Ancient History degree, Rich has been through five continents and upwards of 50 countries, gaining a TEFL certification along the way.


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I’m Rich – or sometimes Joe (whichever you prefer). I’m a freelance travel writer and full-time traveler from Wales. I’ve been exploring the world since I graduated (nearly 10 years ago now!). Since bagging my English and Ancient History degree, I’ve been through 5 continents and upwards of 50 countries.

I’m all about slow travel (It helps that I’m a certified TEFL teacher). I love to return to places that I adore and spend months trying to live like a local. That’s given me long stints between the craggy mountains and cobbled old towns of southern Poland. It’s taken me to the pebbly beaches of the Greek Peloponnese. It’s seen me living in a small casita by the waves of the Mexican Pacific.

2018 and 2019 alone saw me hop from the Italian Alps to the waves of New Zealand, the deserts of Morocco to the tropical bays of Sri Lanka. Along the way, I made plenty of time for my passions: surf, ski, and local food. I am currently working on a start-out surf-travel portal for travelers keen to find the best breaks out there.

Rich Francis

Rich Francis

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Lessons For Life

1. Who needs a gym when you have the lakes, ocean, and mountains?

2. The early bird catches the worm – and the best sunrises.

3. A cold beer after a hike is better than any drink before.

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