Love at first sight

Dating is a fun and exciting time! Meeting different people, all with the potential to be the one you spend your life with forever. This experience brings so many questions…like where do you go on a date and, at the end, who pays? We had our professionals write the answers to give you great advice and guidance as you navigate the waters. Find love at first sight with this page as we aim to fill it with all your dating answers.

Articles About Dating

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Your friend hasn’t told you to hit the road but talks to YOU about every romantic interest and dating disaster he or she has had in the last few months or years…

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Types Of Birth Control

To determine which birth control methods are right for you, you’ll need to learn and thoroughly understand the different available options…

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What Is Attraction?

Attraction is more than just what is on the outside. For some it’s animal magnetism. For others, what makes the person attractive is pheromones…

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Why Am I Still Single?

If you enjoy being single, there’s no shame in your game. However, if you are a 20-something and tired of being single – help is on the way.

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Who Pays On A Date?

As long as people go on dates, there will be uncomfortable and anxious moments when the check arrives after dinner…

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