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To most, the wedding day is the best day of your life! All the time and effort put into making a great relationship to get to that day doesn’t end there. Keep your marriage strong with our suggested articles written by our Marriage Therapist. If you’re a bit past the sunshine and happiness, and have found yourself in rocky waters, check out our articles about spotting signs of emotional cheating and crushing on your ex-spouse. We’re here to keep you in your happy days or get you back to them!

Articles About Marriage

How To Not Get Divorced

No one gets married to get a divorce, however, sometimes things just don’t work out as you’d hoped. Many factors influence if and when a couple divorces.

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Types Of Birth Control

To determine which birth control methods are right for you, you’ll need to learn and thoroughly understand the different available options…

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How To Handle The Stress Of Planning A Wedding

According to a recent study on engaged couples, most (approximately 95%) view wedding planning as highly stressful – for a number of reasons. And, although it’s normal and healthy to feel some stress about your impending wedding day…

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Where To Find A Great Engagement Ring

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with selecting the right ring to propose with. Any old ring simply will not do – regardless of if you are picking out the ring for your partner or your partner is picking out their own ring…

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Top Reasons Marriages Fail

According to statistics, approximately 50% of marriages fail, which can be extremely scary if you are contemplating getting married one day…

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Staying Faithful In A Marriage

The only way to keep faithfulness in marriage is to change how we think about our actions and our marriages. The good news is that can happen, but…

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