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Many students are unaware of the FREE resources available on most college campuses. Lots of these free college resources are available to virtual (online) degree-seeking students as well! From clubs and organizations, health services, and academic support, colleges and universities have countless resources offered to students.

How to find free college resources

With the vast amount of options available and the sheer sizes of universities, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to even begin. An unfortunate reality is that many of the institution’s events, offerings, and/or organizations are not adequately marketed to reach all students and are overlooked and lost in the shuffle as a result.

If you are looking to get involved or take advantage of some of your school’s offerings, there are a few ways to seek out what’s available to you:

  • Read your emails! Frequently, this information is buried in emails you’ve received from the school so take the time to sift through them.
  • Explore your institution’s website to gather information.
  • Take advantage of social media.
  • Ask questions – instructors and university staff can provide answers and inform you of resources available at your school.
  • Sign up for email lists to keep you in the loop.

Free college resources you should take advantage of

While offerings vary depending on the institution, we recommend you take advantage of the following FREE resources while completing your degree:

Academic support services – *A key to your academic success while in college* Academic advising, office hours with professors, tutoring, writing centers, and learning specialists are available to assist you to ensure your academic success.

Career services – This includes career coaching, mock interviews, resume and cover letter review, career fairs, and more, all of which will help you land that first post-college job.

Health and wellness services – This varies depending on the university but can include counseling, mental health resources, nutrition coaching, crisis hotlines, and more.

Financial and legal services – For students who need legal advice or have questions on financial aid, tuition assistance, or scholarships, the financial and legal service offices are invaluable resources.

Library – Whether you need a quiet place to study or have a research paper to complete, the library is a fantastic resource. Ask a librarian if you need assistance with finding any academic resources (books, peer-reviewed articles, etc.).

Disability and student access services – Regardless of what kind of assistance you need, this office can provide individualized help to foster your success.

IT services – For all of your tech needs. You can even get programs like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and more as a free download as long as you are enrolled. You can often keep the programs after graduation too.

Clubs and organizations – Extracurricular activities are a fantastic way to bring people with similar interests together. Chess club, volleyball leagues, and countless other organizations are usually available and free for students.

Workshops – Both personal and professional development workshops can be offered either in person or virtually.

Residence life/housing services, spiritual life services, tech rental/computer labs, public safety services, and fitness facilities – These services vary depending on the university. Check your institution’s website for details.

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Actionable Steps


Stay informed

Seek out what resources are available at your respective institution by remaining up to date. Read your emails, check your institution’s website, and utilize social media.


Ask questions

University faculty and staff are eager to support you! If you can’t schedule an in-person meeting or attend office hours, look up their contact information online and ask questions to learn more about available resources.


Keep an open mind

Although you might not need certain resources, getting involved and utilizing these offerings is a fantastic way to meet people with similar interests. Maintain an open mind to enable your personal and professional growth.


Read more on this topic

You can learn more about how to find and utilize the resources on your campus by reading the following articles, reviewed to be the best by our professionals: The Most Underutilized Campus Resources You Should Use, Surviving The Adult Learner Juggling Act, and College Resources 101: Here’s What To Look Out For.

About the Author

Dr. Alyssa Harmon-Salter

Dr. Alyssa Harmon-Salter

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Alyssa holds an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. For the last 7 years, she has coached hundreds of college students on how to be successful academically and in prepping for a job.
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