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Red, white, blush, bubbly, spritz, canned, boxed… How do you know which wine is best? Whether you are new to drinking wine or an avid wino, a good glass of wine can go a long way when chosen correctly. Shelves are stocked with more variety and virtual wine clubs are popping up on the regular making it seem overwhelming when trying to choose the best online wine companies for you. Let’s review a few tips for how to purchase the right wine.

But first, how to choose the right wine

“Everyone’s palette is unique. What I might find wonderful in a wine is likely different to what you’d find,” states Kimberly McDonough, an Independent Consultant with Scout & Cellar Wines who markets Clean-Crafted® wine to consumers. If you’re new to the wine game or simply interested in trying new wines, Kimberly suggests joining a wine club for a couple of months and selecting a mixed varietal box. “This will open your taste buds up to so many options you would never select off a store shelf. Pay attention to the tasting notes that should accompany the order as this will both guide you in understanding what you like and maybe more importantly what wines you don’t.”

According to Chicca Maione, owner and founder of Cooking in Tuscany and Chicca’s Cooking Club, “Your taste can change throughout the seasons and the year.” This is why Chicca says choosing the best wine is a very personal thing, similar to how we choose our food. Winc, an online wine membership program, refers this to as “seasonal drinking,” meaning we might enjoy a crisp white or rosé wine in the hot summer and a bold red in the cool winter. 

Kimberly and her husband have been Scout Circle members for nearly three years and have enjoyed finding new wines that they never would have chosen on their own from a store. Chicca enjoys organic wines and prefers to know the producer – a lovely perk of living in the famous Bolgheri wine region of Tuscany.

Wine trends of 2021

As your palette changes, so does the wine industry. There are always new trends coming to the surface to make sure your wine glass is always full of something exciting and refreshing. So, what’s in store for 2021? 

  • Grab the bubbly! Bubbly wines, such as sparkling Rosé and Prosecco, are still trending as they’re fun and a great option for celebrations and social gatherings.
  • It’s not just a summer fling. Canned wines and spritzers are also still trending thanks to the convenience of being in a can making them great for outdoor activities. Spritzers tend to have lower alcohol content for those who are taking it easy, and plenty of “natural” options are produced with less sugar and fewer chemicals.
  • Going on virtual tasting adventures. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, purchasing wine online and having virtual tastings have skyrocketed in popularity. Having the convenience of wines delivered to your door is more of a consumer demand, while virtual tastings still allow you to get the full wine experience without stepping outside.

Ready to sip some vino? Keep reading the actionable steps below to see the 3 best online wine companies for you!

Actionable Steps


Start by joining a wine club that’s best for you

A wine club allows you to try a variety of wines based on your taste preferences, paired foods, and budget.

Most wine clubs offer variety packs even within the red, blush, and white categories. The shipments are typically flexible based on your schedule, too, but you will have to sign for the delivery of alcohol. You will have to wait for shipping time too but it will definitely be worth it!


Join FirstLeaf Wine Club

FirstLeaf Wine Club – As one of the best online wine companies, this is a wine club that tailors its wine choices to an individual member’s preferences and flavor profile. With 92% of their offered wines being award-winning, this wine club will send you an introductory first order based on your wine quiz results.


Try In Good Taste Wines

In Good Taste Wines – Receive an eight-bottle tasting flight from this wine start-up that encourages you to step out of your wine comfort zone. Schedule a virtual wine tasting led by a wine sommelier when you receive your chosen box!


Try WineBasket.com

WineBasket.com – Order a customized wine basket for any special occasion. Their family-owned concierge-style customer service sets you up with the best selection of wine and always has a selection of baskets with free shipping. 


Added bonus: Try Scout & Cellar

Scout & Cellar – Offering Clean-Crafted® wine always free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners. They partner with family-owned farms to deliver wine to your door. They offer the world’s first MixableTM, a lower-alcohol alternative for cocktails that is made from grapes, as well as Wine Spritzers and Piquette.


Stock your favorites but keep being adventurous

As stated earlier, your palette might (and should) change with the seasons. So, don’t be afraid to keep trying new wines throughout the year. Keep your favorites on hand, but add variety to keep your wine drinking experience fresh and exciting! 

Still need help? Ask the coaches!

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