Top Relationship Coaches of 2021

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Relationships aren’t supposed to be easy.

Why not? Well, imagine this scenario…

You storm out of the room. You’re frustrated, angry, and also highly (and I mean “highly”) upset. You and your partner have been arguing a lot more lately…about everything under the sun such as your job, not spending enough time together, parenting and household responsibilities, and even dirty dishes and strewn laundry!

You tried to discuss your concerns with your partner but to no avail. The result? A screaming match – a true battle amongst former comrades…cough…cough…partners for the label of “victor.” You used to be so close… Everything used to be so…easy. Not now.

If this sounds like your relationship, it may be time to find a relationship coach!

Why Work with a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach is someone who supports individuals and couples in learning vital skills for relating. They’re especially helpful in marriages and romantic partnerships. Relationship coaches teach you to develop conflict resolution skills and offer tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure.

Relationship coaches can serve as a huge asset and investment for your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, committed, engaged, or married – no one is immune to relationship issues. So, although relationships can be beautiful, they can also be extremely challenging, which is where a relationship coach can help.

Consider hiring a Relationship Coach

Are you ready to seek help from a “relationship expert”? Find a coach in our coaching directory. Sometimes couples need a little extra help to get back on track. This is especially true for younger couples who *typically* have fewer life experiences at this stage of their lives.
There is nothing wrong with asking for help from a professional. It doesn’t signify that you are “weak,” incapable of solving your own problems or dealing with your own issues. Rather, seeking help is a sign of strength because it takes courage to share your concerns, experiences, emotion, and heartache with someone else. It also takes gusto to consider helping your relationship survive.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, then you might consider hiring a relationship coach:

  • You and your partner want help defining relationship goals
  • Your communication with your partner needs improvement
  • You’ve had rough patches with your partner and you need assistance
  • You’re unhappy in your current relationship and feel stuck
  • You’re struggling to hold yourself accountable in your relationship
  • You want feedback on how to improve your relationship
  • You seek an expert’s opinion so you can avoid common relationship mistakes

When in doubt, guidance is extremely valuable. Also, keep in mind that not all relationship coaches are going to be the best fit. So it is crucial to do your research before proceeding with your first coaching meeting.

The top relationship coaches of 2021

1. Alberti Personal Development Coaching

Welcome to Alberti Personal Development Coaching: A one-on-one growth and mentor practice to help you become a more…

2. Single You

I help you discover your worth so that you can stop tying your identity to men. and stop being a people pleaser. Let…

3. Sarah Abenaim Life Coach

Getting married and want to bulletproof your connection before it really begins? Already in a marriage, and wondering…

A Gift For You

Win a free 1:1
coaching session!

A Gift For You

Win a free 1:1 coaching session!

Actionable Steps


Take time for self-reflection

First, ask yourself – what are my relationship goals? If you’re experiencing any of the feelings listed in the bullet points above, reflect on why that is.


Do your research

Then, if you decide to move forward with pursuing relationship coaching, it’s imperative to do your research before spending time and money on a service that you haven’t fully vetted.


Check out more relationship coaches

You can also find more amazing relationship coaches on the Virtual Coach Directory. Review the coaches and contact one today!

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