6 Shocking Things You Learn in your 20s

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Things You Learn In Your 20s

Remember how you were so desperate to grow up? Be your own person, live by your own rules, and not have to do what your parents or school told you?

As a teenager, being an adult seemed like the best thing ever!

But now you’re living it, along with all the responsibilities and challenges that come with it. 

Read on to find out 6 shocking things you’ll learn as you settle into adulthood. 

Some of the things you learn in your 20s may surprise you!

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Actionable Steps

Being an adult isn’t so bad. You get to eat breakfast for dinner and stay out as late as you want, but there are a few things to be prepared for as you navigate your 20s.


You will lose touch with your school friends.

Many of us leave school/college fully committed to continuing our friendships, but the reality is that you probably will lose contact with many of the people you once considered close friends.

And that’s okay.

One of the things you learn in your 20s is that life goes on and relationships evolve. Don’t feel sad, embrace the experiences you had and cherish the memories. Just because the relationship ends, doesn’t mean it was any less real or any less special.


You will learn what’s good for you.

Okay, so being your own person and living by your own rules is what it’s all about. You will learn what’s good for you (and what isn’t) and guess what, your parents may have been right in some instances (shocker) but take the time to learn what’s good for YOU, not what’s good for everyone else. That way you’ll independently be able to take care of your own needs and won’t seek someone else to do it for you.


Not everyone can travel the world in their 20s.

Your 20s are a great time to take off and see the world, but you know what, not everyone can do that and that’s okay. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and focus on building the foundation for your future.

Just because you don’t travel the world in your 20s doesn’t mean you never will. In fact, many people travel the world in their 30s now, when they have more money to support their adventures!


You do need to exercise to stay in shape!

Remember those PE (Physical Education) classes you hated and the annoyance you felt being told to walk or bike home? Well, those things were keeping you in shape, and now my friend that is down to you! You need to make time to exercise, otherwise, you will start to see your extravagant lifestyle catch up with you.


You do need to care about credit.

Okay, I’m going to be boring for a second and say, if you want to be able to get loans and a mortgage, you should care about getting a good credit rating in your 20s. Don’t be reckless but do think about showing banks that you’re a responsible borrower. It makes buying a car and getting a mortgage much easier!


Not everyone will take you seriously.

So, here’s the thing, you might feel like you know everything but in all honesty, you don’t. And employers know that. So be prepared to compromise and be patient for promotions because they will come. But the harsh reality is that you’re not at the peak of your game yet, so dig in and give it time; the success will be worth it!

Your 20s are a great time to experiment and figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. But remember you will continue to evolve your entire life. So although you should use it as an opportunity to set a solid foundation for your future, make sure you have some fun too!

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