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Each week, our platform plans to feature a fundraising campaign of a young adult in need (with the campaign organizer’s approval).

At the end of the week, we will tally the amount generated through our Google Ads and donate a portion to it. Of course, we hope that our viewers will directly donate. During our launch month, we are starting with our own campaign to get the ball rolling!

This week’s featured campaign

You Rock for reading this
Welcome! My name is Joe Stadel, and I am the founder of “A Guide For Your 20s.” After searching online for answers to a number of important life questions, I was exhausted with the lack of professional advice in the top results, the hard to navigate UI/UX of websites, and the disregard of clear actionable steps at the end of articles. Time and time again, the search resulted in less clarity and more unanswered questions. It’s time to change that. As a professional technology consultant, I know that success stems from getting the right people in the room. 

You may be wondering how
With a growing team of professionals, we are developing a digital guide for young adults. All content is written by professionals, experts, and those with success stories. The articles and videos provide digestible content and easy to follow steps on how to implement the practices into daily life. The platform covers expert advice on Life, Wealth, Health, Social, Career, and additional resources.

The mission
We are a free online platform dedicated to providing real, educational, and professional guidance to young adults. Our One-Stop-Shop makes life easier, healthier, and happier, ultimately making the world a little bit better.

Make a difference with a dollar
We can’t do this without you! Yes, you! Donate towards the launch, the platform, and the creation of top tier articles. A few dollars can fund an article with the potential to help countless people in need. To use every dollar effectively, we have an algorithm to identify the top questions young adults are asking online. With your help, we can make this happen. Donate now!

Joe Stadel

Campaign Organizer

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