Unique Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence

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Social media is a unique way for companies to increase brand awareness, traffic, and sales. In fact, it is unmatched, real-time access to the global market for your product or service. Learn how to create a following on any of the major platforms and soon sales will follow.

The top 4 social media platforms

Facebook is currently the largest digital platform on the Internet, meaning you can market your product to more people on it than any other website, including Amazon and Google. It has, over the years, turned into more of a pay-to-play platform for marketers who want to reach large audiences, and has lost most of its original appeal to young people. But despite all that, it should still remain one of the main channels for building your social media presence.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1billion, is the easiest of all the major social platforms for the end-user. Learn basic photography and hashtagging and you could be on your way to building a massive audience. You can also connect with influencers and grow your brand through their followers.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most boring of all the social networks. But the power of LinkedIn lies in its B2B business database that allows you to search and message company decision-makers by specific job titles. The main drawback of LinkedIn, however, beyond putting you to sleep within minutes, is the high cost of running a paid advertising campaign.

Twitter…well let’s just say it’s been misunderstood. Yes, it is the butt of many jokes because of the low character limit and remains corky in every way by playing by its own rules even when governments order it not to. But maybe that attitude has had enough of a profound effect of its loyal users to keep them more engaged than other platforms. Create engaging content and share it on twitter regularly, and soon traffic will flow to your website.

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How to grow your presence on social media

Here are a few creative ways to grow your social media presence without breaking the bank:

1. Provide high-quality content

Remember this phrase: Content is king. Give your audience something to remember and give it to them regularly. Good content results in likes and shares. Content can include a blog article, a funny photo, or an engaging video. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to create a following. Testing to see what works with your audience is a natural part of the process.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags will expand your visibility greatly on Twitter and Instagram by making your posts searchable using those tags. Proper hashtagging doesn’t necessarily mean tagging your post with the most popular hashtag, that’s what everyone else does, hence making your post one of the many that are posted within a short amount of time. And, it will only show up if the user keeps scrolling down. Go for the low hanging fruit every now and then.

3. Run a contest

Use apps to create contests that will attract people to your Facebook and Instagram pages. While they are on your page, you can also gain more page likes. These apps can help you increase engagement, build followers, and gain insights into user behavior.

4. Promote your social pages everywhere

Include links to your Social Media pages on your Website, business cards, blogs, and press releases. This will also help with your credibility as you can show that your brand is fully established. Conversely, include links to your website on the profile or “About” section of your social pages to help with Search Engine Optimization.

5. Send 5-10 personalized messages on LinkedIn per day

Don’t use the standard invite request. Create a few personalized messages per day to establish relationships within your industry. This is a numbers game and is completely free. People are likely to respond if your message differs from the standard messages they are probably receiving in their LinkedIn inbox right now. Keep it personal, authentic, and to the point. Point out specific things about them that shows you actually looked at their profile. Maybe just ask them a simple non-threatening question like their opinion on something that you are working on, and point out how you may be of help to them in return.

6. Connect your social networks

Connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can share your posts across all platforms for maximum engagement. This way your loyal following never misses out on your content. By using an app, you may simultaneously post in additional places like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Actionable Steps


Increase engagement

Use an Instagram management tool called iconosqaure that will make it much easier to respond to comments quickly, hence accelerating the engagement.


Run contests

Use Hayo for creating contests that will help you build a large email list.


Create a Content Marketing Calendar

Create a Content Marketing Calendar so you can execute your strategy in an efficient and timely manner.

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About the Author

Farbod Javaherchi

Farbod Javaherchi

CEO, Novia Marketing

Farbod is a serial entrepreneur having started 8 different companies in marketing, sales, and technology since graduating college. In 2015, he founded Novia Marketing, an innovative lead generation and full-service marketing agency. His clients have ranged from one-time data buyers to presidential candidates. He also owns a SAAS platform called SYNC Profiles for local businesses to help them gain better visibility online, manage their data across the Internet, and generate positive online reviews.
Full Bio | Connect With Farbod | LinkedIn

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