Why Do We Meditate? A Deeper Look

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Meditation. A centuries-old exercise and way of life practiced by hundreds of millions of people across the globe from nearly all walks of life.  But why do we meditate?

So many of us start our meditation journeys with the goal of trying to get “somewhere,” but in reality, there is nowhere to go. 

In fact, the aim of meditation is not to go anywhere, but to recognize and appreciate the true reality of where we are now.  

So, the next time you relax your body, close your eyes and focus on your breath, see if you are trying to escape something—or if you are trying to embody something.  

Only when we can realize that there is nothing to cure or heal at all, can we get a glimpse into why so many of us—whether consciously or not—seek the comforts and wisdom of meditation.  

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So, why do we meditate?

What are some of the benefits of meditation, and why do we take the time to meditate? Sure, many of us intuitively know the health and wellness benefits of meditating—even without actually practicing it ourselves. In today’s day and age, meditation has earned its spot in the busy individual’s toolkit as a way to quiet the mind, experience peace, and restore balance in one’s life.  

There is no denying that regular meditation puts us in a deep sense of peace, stillness, and calmness that can otherwise be difficult to achieve in our busy and active lives. But is the activity only good for restoring balance and order to the rattled mind and hectic schedule, or is there something deeper at play? That is, are we just trying to solve a “problem,” or is there something more we intuitively seek to gain from this endeavor? 

When we can get past the restless need of trying to get somewhere and solving the mental and physical discomforts of our life, we arrive at a much deeper meaning for why we meditate.  

We learn that the true purpose of meditation is not to quiet the mind, but rather to release the Soul from the mind’s grasp—to recognize we are more than just our thoughts, but rather Consciousness itself.  

Actionable Steps


Practice Mindfulness

Meditation helps you to be in the moment and concentrate on how you are feeling right now, without judgment. Over time this can bring peace and calm back into our lives, providing a break from our busy schedules and “go, go, go” mentality.


Reach a Deeper Consciousness

Beyond stilling your thoughts for a few minutes, meditation helps us to realize we aren’t just our thoughts. Sometimes the point of meditation is not to accomplish anything or get anywhere, but to simply exist.

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Najim Mostamand

Najim Mostamand

Life Purpose Coach

My name is Najim and I am a life purpose coach, writer, and speaker helping young professionals live a more fulfilling life by discovering and pursuing their purpose. After nearly a decade in the corporate world, serving in various management and leadership roles, I experienced firsthand the emotional pain of feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and out of alignment with my true self and potential.

Today, I coach young professionals from all career paths and walks of life to become more self-aware, trust their intuition, and get out of their comfort zone so that they can transition out of their unfulfilled state and into the life or career they always wanted! If this sounds like you and you want to find real and lasting fulfillment in your life, please feel free to reach out and let’s have a chat!

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This article was originally posted on Najim Mostamand’s personal website.

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